Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020)
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After splitting with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya to save a young girl from an evil crime lord. (Note: I thought the title of this was "Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn" but according to IMDB it's not?)
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I went in expecting to love this film. And...I liked it, but I didn't love it. The action scenes are great. It's very funny. Harley, Huntress and Black Canary are all really great characters, and Renee Montoya is interesting too. Roman Sionis makes a great bad guy and Chris Messina as Victor Zsazs is tremendous.

But there was something missing for me, an emotional resonance, I guess. Harley gets over the Joker and gets her independence, but I would have liked to see her find just a little bit of meaning. Even if that meaning was "I fight villains who do bad things to women." I would also have liked to see some of Dinah Lance's stuff tie in a bit more to her mother and how she died. I felt like we could have gotten more of that story (in a flashback like Huntress) and that would have added the emotional layer I wanted. To a certain extent, I got a glimpse of it with Huntress, when she told Cassandra Cain "You shouldn't have to watch this."
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Yeah, I liked this, but don't love it. I wasn't expecting much from it, though, so was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Cassandra Cain and Huntress. It was funny, the action scenes were pretty good, I liked the setpieces, and I didn't feel like it necessarily needed to be anything more. It was a good time, but I don't feel like I need to see it again.
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I was really frustrated by the cinematography and editing, particularly during the fight and chase scenes. I can't believe I was bored by a confetti cannon. I also felt like they recycled choreography over and over for the fight scenes.

I felt like the actors, the costuming and the set design were all stellar, but they were all filmed in medium shots with no other coverage. If you're going to do a wacky technicolor cartoon, give me some POW and WHAM. There were giant hands that flipped back on springs and they were just kind of ... left there.
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Saw it with spouse and her best friend; we all laughed our asses off through the whole thing.

One specific delight was the “I spent my whole life training for one specific thing and thus have no social skills whatsoever” take on Huntress.
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I liked it a lot. It's the first superhero comic-related movie that I've seen since Joker, and for me it functioned in a way that was kind of an antidote to Joker's overweening assumption of its own importance and gravity. Part of that may be because, if Cathy Yan took anything from Martin Scorsese, it was the propulsive energy and absolutely unsentimental attitude toward mobsters of Goodfellas rather than Todd Phillips' stodgy reverence toward Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy. You're not going to see fanfic of Black Mask the way you do of Kylo Ren or Loki, because there's nothing cool or sexy about him; when he's having a bad day and a woman is laughing a little too loud in his club, he orders her to dance on a table, and her date to cut her dress off while she's doing so, simply because he can. (And Ewan McGregor, who can be one of the most charming people on the planet when he wants to be, perfectly refuses to give him any redeeming aspects; he is a pure asshole.)

And even the heroines aren't without their flaws, and not necessarily cute ones: someone's already mentioned Huntress' general social awkwardness; Harley's living in a self-generated chaos hurricane means that she can't even remember why some of the guys coming after her after her extremely well-announced breakup with Mistah J have a grudge against her; Renee Montoya tries to rope her ex-girlfriend into her crusade without telling her first; Cassandra Cain (nothing really like the DC comic version) is a pretty typical teenager; Black Canary is OK, but she does work for Black Mask for a while, so there's that. And I liked that approach a lot more than having to necessarily carve out time for everyone's origin story. Harley's and Huntress' stories were relevant to the plot, so we got that; we can find out what Dinah's deal with her mother is, whether Renee becomes the Question, and if Cass does something Batgirly or something else entirely, if/when there's a sequel.

And I hope that there is, and that Margot Robbie is involved somehow, because she's really the glue that holds it all together. I haven't seen Suicide Squad, so I don't know if she's about the same in that one, but here, she's really the glue that holds the movie together. I might hunt down Suicide Squad just for her, and am looking forward to James Gunn's sequel.
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You're not going to see fanfic of Black Mask the way you do of Kylo Ren or Loki,

Oh my friend. You're going to see some fucked-up shit with him and Zsasz. But...probably not much in the way of woobification.

It was a little thin in places, but I enjoyed the gestalt, and Robbie as Harley is just a delight.
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I mean, Rule 34, of course, and there's some really disturbing stuff around the "death" of Stephanie Brown that I don't even want to think about. (The canon was bad enough.) But I mean the degree of woobification of Kylo or Loki that eventually crept out into canon itself.
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yeah, i also 'just' liked it, and i also agreed that the editing and direction of the fights could've steadily leaned harder on Harley's chaotic energy - like, i really enjoyed more bits of the police station breakout (though the hallway beats were a little too long, enough for me to wonder about guns) than the funhouse fight, when it really should be the other way around. narratively though, it was quite cohesive, and the conceit with Harley's state of mind being reflected in the storytelling makes sense for me, i just wished it would gel together a bit more.

idk why i'm a bit upset with the Cassie Cain of the movie having little to do with the Batfamily, but eh, I'll live. I really do like each member of the Birds of Prey, and I want to see them again, especially with Huntress being the closest to the Hawkeye I wanted to see on screen. Anyway, something about this movie held me at a remove, though it is definitely not insufferable.
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idk why i'm a bit upset with the Cassie Cain of the movie having little to do with the Batfamily, but eh, I'll live.

Cassandra Cain's creation came in a pretty specific context with her father the assassin and her reeducation by Oracle. Take away that context and they might as well have just created a brand new character with a new name.
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I really liked it, saw it on opening night with a packed house of mostly over 30yos. I think I had a smile the entire time, Robbie is mesmerizing to me in the same way Ledger was in TDK.

McGregor had the audience absolutely rolling. I thought his comedic bits were okay but not at all on the level the rest of the audience did.

The fight sequences were excellent, they brought some of the John Wick crew over for choreography, but there were moments where I felt like guns were a problem, especially in the precinct but I feel like I should remind everyone, it's Gotham PD, they're basically as competent as empire stormtroopers.

For me it felt like a Burton Batman with just a shade more realism. I absolutely loved the funhouse set.
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Cassandra Cain's creation came in a pretty specific context with her father the assassin and her reeducation by Oracle. Take away that context and they might as well have just created a brand new character with a new name.

*coughs* Cassandra Cain's mother was (by far) the better assassin; however, "Asian woman = deadly ninja who literally doesn't speak" is a trope that I can understand why they thought it best to leave behind, while still wanting to keep a Cassandra. Actual Cass with Harley would've been hilarious, but I guess they shifted some of that dynamic to Huntress.
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*coughs* Cassandra Cain's mother was (by far) the better assassin;

I know nothing about the character besides what was established in "No Man's Land." Guess I'll have to hit the Cliff's Notes at Wiki.
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I has a big dumb grin on my face from start to finish. Robbie in particular was a delight -- I skipped Suicide Squad so this is the first time I've seen her as Harley, and she's the best successor to Arleen Sorkin by a mile. All the set-piece fight scenes were a great blend of impressive choreography and outright slapstick (which also describes the movie as a whole) and I thought they did right by each of the four major (anti)heroes. Not so much for Cassandra, obviously, but I didn't mind; this movie's version of Cass is to Batgirl/Black Bat as Deadpool 2's Russell is to Rusty Collins. Good character, used well, but very little relation to the superhero with the same name.
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Also, my Drafthouse screened this movie with an unlimited supply of sugary breakfast cereal and that was as perfect a pairing as I could ask for.
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Comics Cassandra Cain is difficult to do without spending a lot of time establishing a few different layers of Batfamily, and while DC has lightened up a little over the past few years, they're still shying away from disgruntled orphan collector Bat Dad batman.

It'd be interesting if you did Oracle first without Batman (entirely possible: librarian Barbara Gordon stands up for the cause of Good, gets her spine broken for her trouble, she becomes Oracle). Then if you focus on the Oracle mentoring part, you can manage something similar to the comics without batfamily. But as praemunire mentioned, 'silent asian ninja girl' has its own issues.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the movie was that these characters were allowed their own interiority as opposed to just being a foil for the male characters (which you'd think would be a requirement of making them central characters, but I've read enough female-lead comics to not take it as a given). I think the place where it shows the most is Huntress - usually she's just a foil to show how Vengeance Is Bad (but also kinda sexy), and even the broad stroke 'Huntress doesn't people well' feels like a more fleshed out character than you usually get.
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Even the one detail we did get of her internal life -- she's very attached to the name "Huntress" but never got around to telling anyone else about it -- is great and rings true.
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Oracle's story could easily be built into movie #2...the crime-fighting team discovers they could really use their Guy (Gal) in the Chair.

That scene where Huntress was practicing her delivery of the "they call me..." line was hilarious.
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My biggest complaint is that I was expecting a team movie, but the squad doesn't come together until the end. Even the moments prior to that in which they interact are chopped up due to the non linear storytelling.

Thankfully the actors are all absolutely delightful. Their skill really makes the movie.
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A Gail Simone twitter thread:

I like her, she’s fun to watch, the actress is adorable (Ella Jay Basco) is great in the role. But she bears no resemblance to Cass.
I don’t think of it as an insult so much as a missed opportunity.

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I liked this just so, so much. I've read a lot of comments from people who were generally fans that it felt empty at its center, and I don't feel that at all, but I also feel like I kind of want all movies to have "Chaos for chaos' sake" as a central tenet and this filled me with joy there.

Everyone was so good that it feels weird for me to single out Ewan MacGregor, who was at best the fifth or sixth most delightful performance, but who made exactly the right choice in finding a sort of uncanny valley for charm and charisma that is absolutely neither of those things, looks almost like them, and instead makes Black Mask out to be an utterly lame-ass loser.
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I saw this again with a friend this week and, while there was no point that I was just deliriously out of my mind with joy, basically I was just pleased all the way through. I think this one will be weirdly rewatchable. (Except a bit at the end where there was a little too much Fog to Obscure the Lack of Budget.)

Also--if you pay close attention to the little animated history at the beginning--Harley is canonically bi! Bring on Poison Ivy!
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I went to this with a friend last night with almost no information other than the title and that Harley Quinn was the focal character. Going in, she asked me if I'd seen Tank Girl.

I had never liked Harley Quinn, but it turns out that what I don't like is Harley Quinn: Straight Cis Guy's Fantasy, Even The Queer Parts. I really enjoyed this movie because it wasn't that. I loved the narrative style. I loved that we got her perspective on why she kept going back to an abuser, that was very real. I honestly think that a big part of what made her come together for me was roller derby, because I'd always been "who the hell is this person out in the world?" and once the answer includes "derby skater" it all fits together - smart, aggressive, athletic, very dysfunctional, dresses like that? Yes. Every move we see her make on skates would send her to the penalty box (yes, I used to volunteer as a ref) and she's not wearing adequate padding, but eh, movies.

My biggest unreality moment was when Harley is breaking Cass out of jail, and Cass is housed with adult men. Jails have different holding areas by gender, and they'd be planning to move her to juvie asap. She wouldn't be anywhere near adult male offenders.
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I had never liked Harley Quinn, but it turns out that what I don't like is Harley Quinn: Straight Cis Guy's Fantasy, Even The Queer Parts.

If you go back to her actual invention by Timm/Dini, you find a character rather different from the turns she's taken afterwards. (For one thing, fully dressed! In that outfit you see in the animated intro.) This Harley feels much like their Harley, just rated R.
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I went in with as few expectations as possible. I was hoping for Huntress and Canary and Montoya being bad-ass, and I got it. Spouse had fun watching it too, and was relieved that it wasn't as badly-written as the WB series.
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