The Dream: S2 E6: Magnets: How Do They Work?
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The road to wellness is paved with particles and protons.

Jean goes on a series of wellness treatments booked online, and enlists the services of a quantum physicist to determine if all this frequency business has any merit.
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It's just so depressing, how much we, as a society, currently believe in anything but science to help us live better lives. I think it's an existential crisis due in large part to how unavailable healthcare is, and some odd ideas about what's "natural" and what isn't.

This is a fascinating podcast, though I find this second season is a little less focused and a little less deep than the first season. An enjoyable, but very frustrating (at the snake oil salespeople and the poor folks who buy into all of it) at the same time.
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I really liked the talk with the physicist about how the precise, technical language of science can seem impenetrable without context, and prone to abuse. (Plus, his discussion of how an MRI actually works was great!)

The small moments between Dann and Jean in the car are why I keep coming back to this podcast. They honestly have no idea what to expect from these treatments—I certainly was not prepared for the farting chair.
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I've also been listening along, it's still very enjoyable, even if it is a lot less focused than season 1.
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