Schitt's Creek: The Wingmen
February 12, 2020 3:58 AM - Season 6, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Alexis and Moira deal with the outcome of a viral video, while Johnny helps Bob get back out in the dating world. (Also, Patrick gets a new coffee table.)
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I honestly didn't think Alexis and Moira would have the ability to come up with something to spin the crows and stick to the plan. So good for them for making it work. Alexis broke my heart a couple times--with her surprise at getting the flowers, and then about not going to see Ted. I'm worried about them, I don't want them to split again.

Everything related to the table and Jake was divine, I loved it. "[It] really brings out your lips."
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I'm not worried about Ted & Alexis splitting up. They've been saying in the various interviews that they're past the "will they/won't they" phase of their relationship. Now it's just the challenge of fitting their lives together when their careers are going in such different directions, and if there are sacrifices or compromises to be made, who will make them. But I can't see them ending Ted/Alexis in an unhappy place at the series finale. I just wonder if they're going to find a way to get Ted back in town for the wedding, like some kind of nearby volcanic activity forced-evacuation, or temporary research funding freeze.
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Maybe he gets attacked by fire ants so badly he has to med-evac home?
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