Survivor: Season 40, Winners at War: Greatest of the Greats
February 12, 2020 4:17 PM - Season 40, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Twenty previous winners return to compete against each other for the title of ultimate sole survivor. (Live watch thread...?)
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I don't know if there's really a NEED for a live watch thread for this but I'm gonna be watching and I might have opinions.
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You know that confused equation lady meme? Me, every time someone starts talking about fire tokens.
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They should string them all together like Jimcoin.

I had quit watching Survivor for awhile in the late 20’s seasons, but I recognize most of these players. Amber played in Australia 20 years ago and IM NOT OLD YOURE OLD.
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Tired: Assuming anyone over the age of 35 is old and weak
Wired: Talking about your kids, who were born since the last time you were on the show
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I can't believe there are people who played over 15 years ago. It's just wild.

Will this fire token thing be an interesting game changer or a total dud? With Survivor, you never know.
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The claim Jeff always makes: "It's the biggest battle in Survivor history" - may prove to be true this season. I'm very excited to see some of these returning players, especially Amber. I never thought we would see her again!
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Haven't watched the premiere (yet; it's DVRed) but is there any explicit, on-show, even halfway-take-a-stand indication that they've learned anything from last season?
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Wait, nm, I'm seeing that this was filmed before last season aired.
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Sandra, why you taking it personally, its Boston Rob, of course he was fucking with you!

Amber, why are you here, you seem really lost. Not that you're alone in that, a lot of the previous players seem pretty clueless. The newer mechanics of the game leaves them at a disadvantage for sure.

Which enables Boston Rob and Parvati to skate on through. Seriously cowboy hat guy, why are you intimidated and fawning over BR?! He will murder you at the drop of a dime, gamewise, you're not here to star gaze.

Currently I'm rooting for Dani, just cause she managed to get on BR's good side after being called out.
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Amber, why are you here, you seem really lost.

Not a problem anymore! I imagine the answer is $$$$$ - getting both halves of a married couple, hope they got that coin.
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Oh sure, makes sense, but it was just amazing to see how clueless she came across as, heh.
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In reading some EW articles it was mentioned that Yul brought up the Poker alliance, in order to use it against them. Evidently it was so successful that CBS even showed a clip from that Poker game, which is unheard of on the show. And yeah, Kim was part of that alliance and look where she at now!

It'll be interesting to see if anyone can deal with Rob and/or Parvati.
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I am so glad to see Ethan again, but disappointed that he is currently working with Rob. I am also surprised how few people I recognize. Denise? I know I missed some seasons, but it showed her with Malcolm, who I absolutely do remember from more than one season.
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My jaw was on the floor last night - DENSE YOU RASCAL I LOVE IT
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Our receiver restarted in the middle of tribal council. We got to see the start of tribal and then next week's preview so we know who went home, but I will try to catch the last few minutes on CBS' website.
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So good! I was completely gobsmacked and completely impressed by Denise. And I don't even remember her season!
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