The Wire: All Due Respect
December 2, 2014 11:15 AM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

“There's never been a paper bag... ” —Colvin

Highlights of this episode include Colvin introducing his plan to reduce crime in his district, as well as the first appearance of The Deacon. The episode opens with Omar pretending to be a veteran returning from the hospital (along with his new accomplices Kimmy and Tosha) in order to rob Barksdale's crew.
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"And if the man coming, make ready for the man" - Stringer, talking about Omar but already worried about Avon.
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When people talk about how implausible developments are in Season 5 I remember this season. The Wire has always operated in a world with fairly grounded character motivations and behaviours sometimes leading to unusual situations. To be honest, Omar is a fairly implausible character really, but the show manages to sell it.

Colvin's plan is maybe the closest the show gets to arguing that the problem is with banning drugs in the first place, although it's in the back drop of all of this: the focus on simple grabs. The show won't let us off easily with this solution though: we'll see soon that there are unintended consequences to Colvin's plans.

The whole "My dawg" thing here is a wee bit silly, but quite funny, and demonstrates that even smart people can make mistakes.
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Gus Triandos
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Gus Triandos aside, this episode has maybe my favorite Herc moment of all time: "Where do you guys get those caps with the bills over the ears?"

Slays me every time I see it.


The other thing I love about this episode is that you can see McNulty starting to rehearse his speech about the dead D'Angelo Barksdale, a speech he'll bring back in a refined form, to much greater effect in one of my favorite episodes.
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