The Dream: S2 E10: Caveat Beware
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Who do you trust in a world with little information? Jane and Dann interview the former head of the FDA and a representative from a supplement industry group about DSHEA and supplement labels. Plus, Jane tries one last wellness treatment.
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I’ve been holding back from commenting that her name is Jane Marie, but I feel with the Jenn you may be trolling us...

I liked this season, and I feel like Jane has a lot to say on the wellness trend that’s insightful on a political and emotional level. But I really feel like this season lacks the focus of last season. I wish they had mapped it out a bit better and drilled down more.

In this episode I liked the conflicting testimony between the former govt official and the vitamin industry guy, but it was a tiny bit hard to tell them apart.
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(Oh jeez, every time I try and get her name right and every time I goof it up because some part of my brain hears it differently. Will send a note to get that fixed. My apologies!)

This episode really felt like it should have come earlier in the season, when they were talking more about DSHEA. But it's also got such a great button on the end that I see why they put it last!
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Mod note: Fixed the names!
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The one thing that the industry guy reminded me of is an old SNL sketch where Martin Short represents a novelty company being interviewed by 60 Minutes and is incredibly nervous and chainsmoking. I mostly thought of that during the "How dare you say an industry group has no integrity!" performance.
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Oh glad I'm not the only one who got the guys mixed up at one point in the interview.

I also like this season but also feel like it lacks focus. Still, it's pretty good.
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I'm usually unable to tell people apart, but this pair didn't cause any trouble for me. Interesting. How much of that was context rather than vocal quality, I'm not sure.

Like others, I didn't find this season quite as engaging as the first season. It was a weird mix of random personal stories and journalism that seemed a bit too shallow for such a weighty subject. I wish they'd gone narrow and deep on one particular thing instead. But, it was still worth listening to.
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I'm embarrassed to say that after listening along and loving all of it, I found myself ready to jump right into a "sound healing" journey! What the hell is wrong with me?

I actually considered going to one of these things when I was on my vacation in Maui. I was looking for something off-kilter to do and found a "sound-bath" experience or something. I'm all for laying around in a room and doing some guided meditation so why not?
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Jane Marie doing God's work by creating a thread of MLM companies trying to profit off of coronavirus. Surprise, surprise, both Young Living Oils and Goop among them...
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