Altered Carbon S02
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Any interest in a "Books Included" episode postings?
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Been a while since I've read the books, but S02 feels like the second and third books mashed together and remixed. NBD for me.

From the 'Whole Season' post, not many of us are watching/ caring enough to comment?

The Netflix dump vs the more traditional weekly episodes (qv Picard and the new Star Trek shows, BCS) might be an interesting angle to discuss in how we approach shows depending on the release model.
posted by porpoise at 7:35 PM on February 29, 2020

I am only 2 episodes in (show only, never read the books) and this season is different in tone/style that S1 in ways I am not so thrilled about so far. much more flashy Matrix-style action scenes and less story? I'm going to keep watching for now but yeah there is not as much there there, as was the first season.
posted by supermedusa at 9:18 AM on March 3, 2020

I found the choice to jump to the third book as the primary frame odd but understandable given the changes between the first book and the first season. What got me was the feeling that somehow the world was smaller. It probably has to do with the disjunct between Woken Furies and it's portrayal of Harlan's World versus the one presented in the second season of the show. I do wonder if season 3 will be more like the second book or if Kalogridis will be expanding the show outside of Morgan's framework.
posted by Ignorantsavage at 2:57 AM on March 11, 2020

I'm sort of reading the first concurrently with watching the second season. So I'd certainly chime in on a books included thread. I enjoy both but as a SF addict I'm not deeply impressed with the ideas so some interstellar-snark may slip out.
posted by sammyo at 5:33 PM on March 23, 2020

There are definitely weaknesses in the books sci-part of sci-fi, and a lot of that has grown from the source material in the show.

Common blunder in sci fi writing; start explaining too much and one starts diverging from reality/ plausibility.

The original premise - "What if you consciousness could be digitized, and being digits, can be copied and transmitted." With with guns and aliens!

When they start explaining too much, the premise starts falling apart/ it's obvious that other consequences would happen that the author originally didn't anticipate. The show really stepped in it, in this regard.

Personally, I liked the first season more than the second because it explores some of the base sci fi questions and did it with style. The second got too bogged down trying to explain itself (but blame the first season writers!) and doing corporate-style "continuity" (bring back the popular actors!, have callbacks!; even if they don't make sense).

I originally read 'Altered Carbon' as a throwback cyberpunk. By the time of 'Woken Furies' Morgan's politics were a lot more evident.

'Black Man/ 13/ Th1rte3n' is a straight up satire. With Joe Rogan-level performative "masculinity."

I guess Morgan finished the 'Land Fit For Heroes' .. ah, there's a sequel to 'Black Man' in 2018. ... I'm morbidly curious.
posted by porpoise at 9:17 PM on March 23, 2020 [1 favorite]

fwiw, 'Thin Air' is not a straight-line sequel to 'Black Man' but continues the themes explored.

It has its flaws (less so than its predecessor), but it's a very strong future-noir hard-boiled story.
posted by porpoise at 12:15 AM on February 21, 2021

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