Emma. (2020)
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In 1800s England, a well meaning but selfish young woman meddles in the love lives of her friends. This version of Jane Austen's Emma, directed by Autumn de Wilde and adapted by Eleanor Catton, is different. It has punctuation.
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I'm psyched to see this. Taylor-Joy is a phenom and I still can't fathom how a human creates such a nuanced and ultimately staggering performance as The Witch.

Curious how something lighter will go.
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We enjoyed this a lot. I think the set / costume design / cinematography stood out more than the script, although the leads are all excellent (Bill Nighy does a quality Bill Nighy as you’d expect). The cinematography had a quiet sense of the absurd that reminded me a little of Wes Anderson, only with a more saturated colour scheme.

Other half thought that the actor playing Knightley (Johnny Flynn) was far too young, until I pointed out that she (and I) are simply old now & he is in fact almost exactly the right age for the character as described in the book (37). It’s Taylor-Joy who’s significantly older than her character in fact.
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This was absolutely delightful. We laughed all the way through and cried a little bit. This will be one of those movies that I have on repeat at home.

It did remind me a bit of Wes Anderson, both in the color scheme and the humor. Also a touch of Marie Antoinette and a lot of Love and Friendship.
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Saw it this weekend, and while I'm not sure it's my favorite adaptation, it was a visual feast and the costumes were gorgeous. Plus it was hilarious (as any decent adaption should be!) and I loved how the footmen silently stole every scene they were in.
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Very nice film. The cruelty was utterly believable even from our protagonist. Beautifully shot. Joy doesn't disappoint. I think Flynn was well-cast and brought an a+ performance.

Since it's an 'art' film in Colorado springs, 50ft social distancing was guaranteed.
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I was surprised by how much Clueless had overwritten my entire memory of Emma. (The MIX TAPES were the equivalent of taking notes on Elton's sermons!) I don't like pre-20th century period films much, but I love Austen (whose writing is so much more tart and fresh in actual reading than in the memory of it). This movie was fresh and funny! Or...it was at least as funny as Jane Austen, which is a lot funnier that the typical adaptation.

It's also a great shelter-at-home watch -- a mix of big, open fields and opulent, sprawling interiors that look nothing like my house. I loved the way Emma approached Harriet's school each time a bit like she was visiting a zoo, or the early scene that put Emma in purple against the backdrop of a green field and Mr Knightley wearing green against a purple wall. (I thought of that a lot once Mr Knightley began trying his hand at matchmaking, or when he mirrored Emma's unfair dislike of Jane Fairfax with his own barely hidden contempt for Mr Churchill -- a little unfair, because by Austen Cad standards Mr Churchill doesn't rate). Bill Nighy was very funny. Anya Taylor-Joy was GREAT -- I really liked her in the Witch, too, but sometimes it feels like you only get to see young actresses do good work by getting tortured. This was FUN.

I'm sure the director has done other interviews, but Refinery29 has a recent piece where she talks some about the style choices in the movie, including the curls.
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if you want more time with the clothes, Tom + Lorenzo did a costume analysis!
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I was surprised by how much Clueless had overwritten my entire memory of Emma.

Oh me TOO. Also I found Mia Goth looked a bit like Brittany Murphy.
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