American Horror Story: Blood Bath
December 3, 2014 5:55 PM - Season 4, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Gloria tries to contain Dandy's naughtiness. Regina wants answers regarding her mother. Why do I think this will end in tears? Will we get another anachronistic song?

Just FYI: I'll be traveling overseas the next couple of weeks so I'm not sure I'll be able to post (and certainly not able to watch) so if someone wants to take over for a bit please let me know!
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I think we're getting two more episodes in December, which I should be home to watch and make posts for if no one else has stepped up, PSHO. No worries!

Sooooooo who's the doctor that Frances Conroy was talking to? I presume this is where the link to Asylum will come from, and I figure our not seeing him is significant. But I don't think he was James Cromwell (Arden), and if so he was going by a different name. Interesting that his notes refer to "Winters," who I figure is some relation to Lana...but what all that means (if anything; I mean, come on, this is American Horror Story), I dunno.
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I assume that the conman took Ethel's head. That means we have at least two members of the freak show floating in formaldehyde. We also got some hints of mad scientists in this episode (a creepy unseen psychiatrist and a Gepetto figure). I'm thinking that we're going to end the season with an army of zombified frankenfreaks! (And it'll be satisfying if Kathy Bates's recurring role is as an animated disembodied head.)
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This episode gave me hope that this season might actually gel into a coherent whole.

I'm also struck by the massive talent difference between the leading women and the younger actors. Emma Roberts usually does fine in her scenes - until you pit her against Angela Bassett, and suddenly her acting makes me wince.

I think Finn Wittrock is the only one of the younger ones who really holds his own and commands a presence. He and Frances Conroy had a wonderfully twisted relationship.
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I agree entirely. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters and even Grace Gummer are painful to watch in comparison. Age and experience really make a difference in this show. The non-leading actors over 30 years old --- Michael Chiklis, Sarah Paulson, Mat Fraser --- are holding their own, but it seems like every actor under 30 is struggling to keep up. (Finn Wittrock is 30, so he just crosses the line.)
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I think Evan Peters is doing great.
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I'll have to rewatch the episode with this is mind, but per AV Club commenters, the reason we didn't see the psychiatrist is that he was being voiced by Danny Huston (!).
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I liked this episode, and I like the con man story line. I also really like the therapist angle, so I suppose I should go back and catch Asylum before the season ends.

And it'll be satisfying if Kathy Bates's recurring role is as an animated disembodied head.

I'm clearly in denial, but I didn't stop to consider that I wouldn't see her again. And I don't have the AHS background to think of other possibilities so I'm really sad about this now.

Age and experience really make a difference in this show.

Add to that the fact that the older, experienced actors happened to more talented than many, many of their peers, too. I mean, Bassett, Lange, Bates, Conroy...what a knock-out cast. And they're acting their asses off. (Leaving enough scenery for Finn Whitrock to chew to turn him into The Fat Man before the season ends.)
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