Leverage: The Beantown Bailout Job
March 9, 2020 5:14 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Now sober, Nathan Ford reunites Sophie, Hardison, Parker, and Eliot to help him con members of an Irish mob.
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I think they hit the ground running with this season opener - explosions, mobs, evil bankers, Detective Bonnano, Sophie as Annie Kroy, so many comedic moments. Nobody questions why Parker is randomly dressed as a nun! The banker's speech about stealing billions then being bailed out is also a nice foreshadowing of the season 5 finale.
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Yeah, they had the formula down, established the reasonableness that everyone wants to work together (whoah, I just had a work "we're actually friends now!" event with a select few coworkers), and using Nate's sobriety and Sophie's attachment to someone else as a springboard.

The nun thing was cool - my headcannon is that Parker isn't taken seriously enough, so she does the costume mockup on spec to convince everyone else to listen to her version of a plan - and it's a good one, and everyone onboard!

And that's the precise thing I like about this show - criminals that are caught are, by definition, stupider - the gang is going after criminals who outsmart regular cops, and give them their come-upances by being smarter.
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Does the cooldown in this show's Fanfare have anything to do with allegations of Timothy Hutton (and a "friend") raping (reportedly in a super duper creepy way - but - allegation) someone in the 80's being in the news?

The show's success was really the writing and the entire cast and how they meshed - despite Nate.

And when their social bonds get established, iirc, they kept actively trying to rehabilitate Nate because the characters respected the Nate character.
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Yikes...I had not heard that news, porpoise.

You’re right - despite having the most dramatic arc, Nate’s character is the least compelling reason to watch the show.
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I just watched this last night, thanks for the reminder. Not a bad episode. That car flip was pretty rough looking, but otherwise I enjoyed it.

Does the cooldown in this show's Fanfare have anything to do with

Yeah, I'd be lying if I said I haven't soured on Hutton and therefore Nate a whole bunch now. I'm appreciating everyone else's good work, so I want to keep watching, but also, yeesh.
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mmmm, I can't say that I follow the entertainment news. That being said Nate is, and always has been, a chore to watch. Anything Nate centric is pretty cringe-y. That being said the rest of the show is pretty generally pretty light, competent and has some truly shiny (perhaps brilliant) moments.

So it's pretty binge-able. When the fanfare rewatch started I had already rewatched half of the first season. A couple longer flights, the flu in early January, some pouting at work that lead to a bit of a work-to-rule campaign and I watched the whole run at a rate of about 2 seasons a week.
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Yeah, I skipped ahead a bunch, too, reigning myself back.

That car flip, yes lol. Then the physical effect with the hillariously tiny little fire... then a big boom.
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I had kinda given up on this rewatch because of the Hutton news, but, seeing the Leverage threads keep popping up when I'm dithering about what to watch, I guess I'm back in.

Kung Fu Monkey - LEVERAGE 201 "The Beantown Bailout Job" Post-game (John Rogers) "Dude, Bernie Madoff stole FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS. In a PONZI SCHEME. Which is the criminal equivalent of convincing people you are going to fly to the moon in a refridgerator box. The single, unpleasant truth is that most people, particularly criminals, are NOT complex. They are shallow, greedy sons of bitches to whom we attribute genius planning or complex motivations in order to preserve a false sense of order in our universe. That said, all our bad guys operate in a world where they are the heroes. You'll hear several different versions of "the evil speech of evil", as we call it, over the next year."
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