Here and Now and Then
March 12, 2020 1:00 PM - by Mike Chen - Subscribe

Kin Stewart is an everyday family man: working in IT, trying to keep the spark in his marriage, struggling to connect with his teenage daughter, Miranda. But his current life is a far cry from his previous career…as a time-traveling secret agent from 2142.
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This book happened to be next on my pile as I headed out the door to count absentee ballots in the Michigan primary. I figured it would be a nice little time-travel romp, maybe fill the gaps here and there between the first count and the evening wrap-up. I wound up crying at my counting table in the middle of the afternoon.

I have two daughters. The elder lives with my former spouse about eight hours' drive away from me, and is currently studying in Israel; unsurprisingly, we do not have the closest relationship. The younger is just old enough that she can use "I don't love you anymore!" as a weapon.

Mike Chen has a daughter as well, which means he is a goddamned monster for writing this book about the fractured relationship of a time-travel cop stranded in the past and the teenaged daughter he is forced to leave behind when the future retrieves him.
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(hugs) (if you want them)

And thanks for this book recommendation, it sounds interesting. Added to my To Read list.
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