The X-Files: Young at Heart   Rewatch 
March 12, 2020 9:00 PM - Season 1, Episode 16 - Subscribe

A killer whom Mulder helped capture and put in prison during his first assignment at the FBI, and who reportedly subsequently died in prison, suddenly reappears, and he is very much alive, on the loose, and out for revenge.
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Note, the next episode already has a re-watch thread from 2015: Humbug.
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Humbug is season 2.
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Oh whoops, I just clicked through to next episode. D'oh.
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Yes, "next episode" just links to the next rewatch episode that is currently in the FanFare database, which is not necessarily the chronological next episode given that there are relatively few rewatch threads posted at this point. Don't worry -- I am keeping myself apprised as to which episodes have rewatch threads already posted and will be careful not to create any duplicates.

Why didn't Barnett just kill both Scully and Dr. Ridley while in Scully's apartment? He told Mulder that Dr. Ridley was on his kill list. He could have gotten two birds with one stone. Sure, trying to take down two people at once was risky, but it was not as risky as shooting Scully in a theatre foyer full of people. I suspect that Barnett, like a lot of criminals, is bad at being a criminal.

I totally missed that the CIA agent trying to talk to Barnett while the medical staff were trying to save him was CSM, but I was surprised that the medical staff allowed him to stay in the room given how aggressive he was being.

That "salamander hand" glove prop was pretty fucking horrifying. I'm imagining the actor who played the new and improved version of Barnett wearing it around set and while eating his lunch just for the fun of freaking people out.

Dana's cellist friend isn't mentioned again. But then being held hostage by an escaped murderer with a salamander hand and then getting shot at because your friend decided your solo concert was a great place to set up a sting for the said murderer would tend to compromise a friendship.
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There was also this intriguing exchange between Agent Henderson, the handwriting analysis technician from the crime lab, and Mulder:

Henderson: This guy a friend of yours?

Mulder: Yeah, I play golf with him every Sunday. What do you think?

Henderson: You just brought this in ten minutes ago.

Mulder: You're slipping, Henderson.

Henderson: Ten minutes may be enough time for you, Mulder. Of course, I wouldn't know that from personal experience.

This last line was said very coyly. It sounds like someone has past interpersonal experience with Mulder and that he was, er, overly efficient in bed. But then chasing aliens is so time intensive and he probably wanted to get back to it.
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