Legends of Tomorrow: Romeo V Juliet: Dawn of Justness
March 17, 2020 7:52 PM - Season 5, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The Legends continue their hunt for pieces of the Loom of Fate and find themselves face to face with William Shakespeare. Meanwhile, Ray, Nate, Rory, Constantine, Charlie, and Behrad stay a little longer on the mission, making things worse after lying to Sara.
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You know, I'd been assuming that Ray and Nora were being written out of the show because Brandon Routh & Courtney Ford had chosen to leave, like Victor Garber did, and while I was sad to be losing Ray, I was kinda resigned to it. But reading now that it was the producers/writers who decided that this was to be Routh's final season, I'm just annoyed and baffled. There's still 7 episodes left of the season, why did they have to write him off with half a season left to go?

Beebo angry.
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This episode seemed to suffer from the same problem Ray and Nate were experiencing: they wanted to make the mission bigger and grander than usual because of the importance and significance it held, and that desire led them to messing things up. That's exactly what this felt like. It had a BIG, IMPORTANT historical figure and a VITAL literary work. It had Mick dealing with fatherhood. It had BOOK CLUB! It had Ray and Nora LEAVING!!!! :sob: And somehow it all fell flat and overplayed at the same time (if that's possible).

It didn't help that the internal logic also was lacking. Yes, Ray to Damian that he would give Nora a normal life, so he has to live up to that commitment, but in this episode, he said Nora's job as a fairy godmother means that she can't live on the ship. What? That makes no sense. Her job makes living on a ship the perfect place for her. She can magically zip away whenever summoned by her latest charge. She doesn't have to worry about nosy neighbours wondering where she vanishes to or where she works. She doesn't have to concern herself about household maintenance issues (or leave them to Ray). She doesn't have to leave Ray alone when she's busy with her kids (and lets face it, Ray needs to be busy and to be around people. The team is good for him, needy golden retrieve that he is.) This reasoning was so stupid.

Sure it nice seeing Mick and John and Zari do well on the stage -- the less said about Ava the better -- but it wasn't enough to make up for the rest of the episode's faults.
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sheesh: "Ray told Damien"
One of these days I'll learn to proof my posts.
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Tala Ashe is an incredible actress. This new version of the character she's playing this season feels like a different person entirely, and then she drops into the most charming Juliet ever, and I understood maybe for the first time why Romeo was so smitten.

Also, whoever built the waverider could build a time ship, but they couldn't manage to include multiple bathrooms?
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I'm also baffled that Ray didn't say boo to Mick. I mean, they and Sara were the originals. Rory and "Haircut" have had many moments together! I don't know why they chose this episode as the one where Ray and Nora leave. And without checking IMDB I can only hope that they make an appearance later.

Everything else was kind of a mess but a lovable mess. The Legends playing out Romeo and Juliet was amazing.
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Sad to see Ray and Nora go.

"kind of a mess but a lovable mess" That pretty much sums up LoT!

I believe this was the last episode filmed before the writers knew how Crisis played out. Episode 508 was the Crisis finale, so the next episode will be the first one reflecting the post-Crisis universe (other than an earlier reference to Sara having to go to Star City for unstated reasons).
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I'm still so mad that Ray and Nora got fired off the show for no good reason. I'm very sad to lose Brandon Routh, who I have always gotten a kick out of. That said, the farewell to his bromance was very good and sweet.

Honorable mention goes to the book club/bachelorette party with random stripper and pony.
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