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I would strongly prefer this thread to be retitled with the Spanish name, Frontera Verde. (Wikipedia) Frontera Verde is a Colombian crime thriller web television miniseries. (IMDB): “When a young Bogotá-based detective gets drawn into the jungle to investigate four femicides, she uncovers magic, an evil plot and her own true origins.” A Colombian Netflix series, 8 episodes, set at the Colombian-Brazilian border, and shot in Spanish, Portuguese, and indigenous languages. Combines police procedural with Latin melodrama, an acid Western sensibility similar to the French adaptation of Giraud and Charlier’s Blueberry graphic novels, Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, Jodorowsky, the countercultural The Teachings of Don Juan books, and elements of Herzog’s Aguirre. It is a dense text.

I am posting this because I found the show directly entertaining, well made from a technical and production value standpoint, and intriguing from a number of standpoints. My own take is that the show combines the cited influences with the aim of providing a metaphoric text on syncretic Amazonian culture as well as uncanny and unsettling superpernatural entertainment.

I am especially interested in reading critical writing about the series from Colombian and Brazilian and indigenous Amazonian writers. Both the filmed adaptation of Blueberry and the written Don Juan books have been subject to well-founded critical analyses resisting the recuperation and presentation of Native American culture within a Eurocentric context, and I suspect this series may be vulnerable to similar critiques. I myself, a North American of European descent, am not the person to provide such a critique.

My wife and her family are Cuban, and I spent significant time in Latin America as a child. Watching a series in idiomatic Spanish like this was delightful and soothing in a manner that accessed preadolescent memories.

I did enjoy the show and perceived it as being empowering toward its’ indigenous characters.
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Is this supposed to be a full-season thread or an episode 1 thread? When posting for an all-episodes thread, you have to scroll to the very bottom of the episode numbers to find the "All" option. Also, as far as I know there's no way for the mods to change the series name in Fanfare, since it pulls from the imdb data. All you can do is include the alternate/original/correct title in the thread name when you're posting. (for example - Samurai Cat, and The Bonfire of Destiny) You can probably self-flag with a note to ask a mod to make the revisions.

Also, I don't understand what 'no unmasked spoilers' means. If this is a full-season thread of a one-season show, what would count as a spoiler? (I haven't actually watched the show yet myself, but I was so confused about what an 'unmasked spoiler' is I just had to post a comment to find out.
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This is intended as a full season thread. I did not see the All option, will flag and hopefully a mod can fix it.

My reference to spoilers was a request to use the details and summary tags, as seen here and discussed here.

My intent in asking for use of a masking mechanism is to avoid unmasked discussion of specific character incidents and plot points. In the past, I have occasionally been blindsided by initial-post discussion of specific story elements in the first or second post about a show in a full-season thread.
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Mod note: Howdy! I've updated the listing to season 1, all episodes, and I've removed the reference to spoilers from the title. There's no expectation for a full-season discussion in FanFare that folks would in any way avoid discussing the details of that season; the only real expectation we have is for folks to avoid spoilers in the above-the-fold text of the post itself for folks browsing. It's fine to try and avoid specifics in the first few comments out of an abundance of caution, but that's not required and we don't use spoiler tags or rot13 as an anti-spoiler mechanism. The inside of a fanfare thread is presumed to be an unchecked spoileriffic zone for the specific content referenced by the post; the thread is here specifically to discuss all of that, openly.
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Mod note: Oops, and yeah: the show/series/film titling is a fiddly thing driven by external API. It is strictly speaking possible for frimble to fix things manually when something is actively broken by an error there, but otherwise it's a lot simpler to just run with a dispreferred but workable alternate title.
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Thanks, cortex!
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