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With Scully still missing, Mulder goes to L.A. to investigate a series of murders in which the victim is drained of blood, the mirrors in the victim's house smashed, and biblical citations written on the walls in blood.
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This has to be one of the worst episodes in the entire series, and it may even be the worst. I don't know whether it was because the writing is terrible, or because David Duchovny couldn't carry the show on his own, or some combination of the two.

Mulder has a "babes in bikinis" calendar in his office. So professional.

It doesn't make much sense that Mulder would not get a hotel room. Even if he wasn't able to sleep, he would need a place to shower and change his clothes. And aren't there rules about an FBI agent banging/staying with suspects?

The vampire characters are so tiresome and vapid, and Club Tepes was such a fitting place for them to hang out.

Mulder, though athletic, agile, a fast runner, and an excellent shot, really isn't much of a fighter. He seems to get the worst of about half his physical altercations on this show.

Perrey Reeves, who played Kristen Kilar, was David Duchovny's real-life girlfriend at the time of filming. You'd think they would have been able to make their characters' connection/attraction look more convincing.
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Yeah, this one's a stinker. And not just because Scully isn't around.

The scene where the vampire gets incinerated in the prison cell is pretty good, though.
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I have zero problems with Mulder not being a competent scrapper. Being a two-fisted Captain Kirk isn't the only way to be masculine.

There's that 'Mulder Thing' later where he keeps losing his sidearm over and over again. Then there's the payoff when he finally learns to keep a backup and uses it.
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I have zero problems with Mulder not being a competent scrapper.

Oh, I definitely wasn't saying Mulder should be Jackie Chan. It's realistic writing that there are things he's not very good at it. Also, he was a slightly built guy and many of the men he fought were simply going to have more weight and strength on their side. An ex of mine was the same height/weight/build as Duchovny was back when the show was on (6'1", 170 pounds), and he had a black belt. He told me training only counts for so much and that someone unskilled but significantly heavier and stronger than him could totally take him down. It's why Scully always gets the worst of it when she gets attacked unless she can use her gun: she clearly has combat skills and does her best to put up a good fight, but she's so small that nearly any man who is attacking her can overpower her.
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Disparity in size (short video of the actor who plays The Mountain/ Ser Gregor Clegane in 'A Game of Thrones' play-sparring with Conor McGregor, a former MMA champion).

Once the larger man closed, if the smaller man can't incapacitate him right away, the larger man can basically rip the smaller man's head off. Or more easily, force them onto the ground and rip them apart like a rotisserie chicken.
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