Beauty Shop (2005)
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You thought you'd heard it all in the barbershop, but you haven't heard anything yet - the women get their own chance to shampoo, shine, and speak their minds in Beauty Shop. A determined hairstylist (Queen Latifah) competes with her former boss (Kevin Bacon) after opening her own business in Atlanta.

Roger Ebert review, 3 stars
Early in "Beauty Shop," Queen Latifah asks her daughter if her pants make her butt look big. When the answer is "yes," she slaps it and says, "Good!" And means it.

Latifah is profoundly comfortable with herself, and "Beauty Shop" is comfortable with itself. It isn't simply trying to turn up the heat under a "Barbershop" clone, but to be more plausible (not a lot, but a little) in the story of a woman starting her own business. It's more of a human comedy than stand-up or slapstick.

Queen Latifah stars as Gina, recently arrived in Atlanta from Chicago (where she appeared briefly in "Barbershop 2"). She's already the top stylist in an upscale salon run by the improbable Jorge Christophe, a streaked blond self-promoter who keeps Latifah from being the only queen in the movie. Jorge is over the top in every possible way, and you have to blink a couple of times before you realize he's being played by ... Kevin Bacon?
Rotten Tomatoes: 38% from critics, 62% audience score

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Available from Starz, and to rent or buy from many platforms, at least in the US.

My wife and I recently watched it. It's fun, comfy movie.
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Thank you for reminding me of this movie! I remember watching it and loving it when it came out, but haven’t seen it since. Very much in the mood for comfort movies lately and this sounds perfect!
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