Bad Boys for Life (2020)
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The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life.
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I really wanted to watch this in theaters, but no one wanted to go with me! Now, what I wouldn't give to go to a theater, buy popcorn, and watch a big dumb movie.
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is it any good?
posted by growabrain at 2:11 PM on April 9, 2020

I liked it but my bar is pretty low at the moment!
posted by ellieBOA at 6:40 AM on April 10, 2020

This movie had so much more crying and praying and so many fewer jokes than I expected. It really needed a punch up on the script - it was so maudlin.

The bones are good for a big dumb action movie - there’s a witch involved! But it was really high on people standing around talking about their feelings and low on snappy one-liners.
posted by jeoc at 8:03 PM on April 21, 2020

For me, this was really cringe-y.

I'm of an age and social circle back then where the original 'Bad Boys' was "cool" and I appreciate the storytelling beats this is trying to hit, but it's very commercial. While trying to appeal to my demographic (which I don't belong in - dads getting into their 40s; Will Smith is 51) and trying simultaneously to get the crowd that's into loud cars and who aspire to be Alexander Ludwig, it's an overpriced, underflavoured, and oddly-textured microwave family dinner entree.

Despite the relatively prominant use of Spanish language, I can't imagine it appealing to Latinx.

Lots and lots of bs pro-toxic masculinity crap. Martin Lawrence's character leavens that some with humour, but being responsible/ family-oriented is the butt of jokes throughout.

It's also hella derivative, reusing old stunts and scenes that have become cliched. But not done here any better or with any new insight.

But, eh, charismatic actors and rah rah (throwback) cowboy cops. Fun enough. Will Smith salvages a little, but a lot of his lines are terribad. Paola Nuñez is very attractive, but entirely unconvincing in her (new?) role.

Yes! The wth thing was that this is a witchcraft based bad guy. Bold. Possibly offensive.

I might come back to watch the back half, but I have better media to distract myself with.
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