Making the Cut: Opposing Forces
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Since there isn't an overwhelming amount of discussion about these episodes, and since we've been managing okay so far with double episode posts, I'm going to carry on with that pattern. So consider this the discussion for BOTH Episode 5: Streetwear and Episode 6: Opposing Forces.

Rinat's Episode 5 winning coat

Rinat's and Puma's collaborative hoodie and pants

Sander's Episode 6 winning T-shirt and skirt
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I don't get Sander's win in episode 6. Those were some ugly colors.

Also, could someone explain the difference between "runway" and "accessible"? Frequently I can't tell why the "accessible" look is more wearable than the runway look.
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I enjoyed these two episodes more than any of the previous ones, as we saw more of the design process than before - probably because there are fewer designers.

I was very sad to see Sabato go home - although I knew he'd struggle with streetwear. That's why these shows rarely find the 'best' designer. He's never going to be a streetwear designer, so in a way the show has set him up to fail in that challenge. And I agree with him that the striped outfit looked awful when it was on the model. I loved the little scene where he met his friend in the street. I wonder if that was a producer set-up that Sabato didn't know about, or just a happy accident. Either way, that scene made me happy.

I loved Rinat's coat and would wear it in a heartbeat. She deserved the win.

In the Opposing Forces challenge, I also don't get Sander's win. That babyshit brown is such an unflattering colour that suits no-one, and the multi-t-shirt design was weird. I also hated Esther's looks, especially the gold one which looked uncomfortable and ill-fitting.

I absolutely loved the different backdrops projected onto the staircase for the show, except that it was hard to see the clothes against them.

Naomi Campbell's default facial expression appears to be one of smelling the worst shit ever. And her claims that she sees what the "kids" are wearing at concerts didn't make her seem cool and trendy but old and out of touch.

Now Sabato has gone, my loyalties have transferred on to Ji. I'd like to see her win.
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I don't think some of the designers know the difference either, schroedinger. That's a big part of the problem, and I think it's something the show would benefit from addressing. Instead of having Heidi and Tim traipse around being idiots, they could be giving the designers lessons in mass-market clothing production.

I don't know who Heidi's stylist is this season, but her clothes are just terrible. I can't think of one outfit she has worn that I like. Also, as much as I love gemstones, I hate that blue kyanite (or sapphire or blue crystal or whatever it is) necklace that she has worn a few times. That stone doesn't need a bunch of other charms on the chain to keep it from sitting properly centered. It is driving me crazy.

It was pretty obvious that Sabato was never going to be the winner. His aesthetic is too mature for the show. He is also a bit of a one-note designer. I seriously don't know what Tim was thinking (the only excuse I can give was that he only saw the striped dress on the dummy and not on a real person) but he Sabato was right in killing it. It was a badly fitted maternity caftan that didn't sit right at all or flatter the model in any way.

Actually, I feel Tim is being brought in for his consultations too late in the process (not the he has much to add). He should be there closer to the beginning, when the designers would have an easier time changing their designs. Actually, he could do a double consultation, at the start and closer to the finish, it's not like he's got something better to do with his time.

I actually don't mind Sander's colours, but I'm partial to tan and browns, and yellows. I think the colours look better on the screen than they do in the Amazon reproductions. (I get the sense, however, that the MeFite majority -- i.e. not me--are closer to the general buying public, as I think his skirt is the only item that hasn't sold out yet.

I don't think we need to talk about Esther's terrible gold dress, do we? I mean it's about time she tried something other than black but that was terrible.

I don't have any clue who the new judge is. I can understand why they wanted to go with an influencer, but I really find that qualification to be weak sauce. Plus, like with Heidi, I can't say I'm in love with her personal fashion choices.

The male judge, Altuzarra, seems to be in awe of Naomi Campbell. He seems to seek out her opinion and then tailor his own comments a bit to reflect what she said.
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I usually watch these episodes right before I go to bed with the result being I barely remember anything about them when I wake up in the morning. (5) Sabato was right to ignore Tim's advice once he saw his striped design on his model, it looked like a sack. Sabato + streetwear was never going to work but from what I've seen of his elegant, minimalist label, he'll be fine. How cool was it that he ran into a friend on the street? although Harajuku reminded me of photos I've seen of Carnaby the 70s. Rinat's winning design was great and I liked the photo of her Puma collab. Hope she got a cut of that. (6) Yin and yang. I really liked Sander's subversive take on a tshirt. Not the colors or the fabric combination (nylon and wool, shudder) but he wasn't aiming for "pretty" plus it was mass produce-able. I don't remember anything else.
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Also wtf, why didn't they show this supposedly game-changing dress to the judges? I did not agree it was a gamechanger - sack is a good description - but I sure was curious what the judges might have thought of that thing, and how Tim would have explained what he saw in it.

Terrible gold dress was (maybe) nice idea but poorly executed - was too stiff and not hanging correctly.

So glad Rinat got that win and added bonus before going. But her idea with the two religions just didn't make any sense and the clothes were nothing special.

I think "accessible" means cheap to mass produce, honestly. So nothing too overly busy or with a million pleats or extra pieces, etc.
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Exactly. I wanted Tim to pull out that dress and show it to the judges as well. He could have even used it as a teaching point and explained to the other contestants why it represented growth, what was innovative about it, and how they should strive for a similar breakthrough. I swear this show is nothing but missed opportunities.
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It has occurred to me that the judges DID demand to see Sabato's other dress and that they did not agree with Tim at all. I think this is the most likely explanation because it seems like Heidi has always wanted to see that sort of thing, particularly with such a glowing review from Tim AND Sabato's going home on the line. Naomi was sad to see him go, did she ask to see it?

I think it's a good bet they were saving Tim's embarrassment because they did not agree with him at all.
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I usually watch these episodes right before I go to bed with the result being I barely remember anything about them when I wake up in the morning.
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It's funny, but I don't know if it's just me or the times or this show or when the threads are getting posted, but I find that I have so little to say about this show, especially in comparison to PR. Is there not enough content? Are the contestants not doing a good job (or the producers not doing a good job) of presenting themselves? Is there a significant lack of design discussion? I suspect the latter is a big part of it, but there has got to be something else going on as well.
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From a reality show producer viewpoint, I can (kinda) understand that we don't see much of the garment until the big reveal on the runway (but then only a jumble of long shots and quick cuts). What I really liked about Next in Fashion is that after the runway, the judges split up backstage and questioned the designers with the model standing right there. It was less confrontational that the Usual Suspects line up, less likely to elicit pithy quotes, but more emphasis on the design process and we got to see a closer look at the finished product. It was still confined to the top and bottom finishers.
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