Xena Warrior Princess & Battlestar Galactica full-series SyFy marathons
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Per TV Line - starting on 4/16, SyFy will air 10 episodes of Xena every Thursday, hosted by Lucy Lawless with various guest stars. There will be a Battlestar marathon of the miniseries and all seasons plus the tv-movies hosted by Tricia Helfer, starting 4/20 at midnight thru the morning of 4/23.

I haven't watched Xena in forever, but 10 episodes a week hosted by Lucy Lawless sounds great. Anyone else planning on watching? I figure full-season threads should cover it.

I don't plan on watching the Battlestar marathon, but, maybe others are interested, so, just wanted to give a heads-up.
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Comet just started the Battlestar month a day or so ago, watched the first six episodes or so yesterday. Forget who all the Cylons are...

I've now added the SyFy Xena/Battlestar to the DVR to catch the hosts and such.

Thanks for the heads up.
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