Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Coronavirus V: Misinformation Edition
April 20, 2020 2:40 PM - Season 7, Episode 9 - Subscribe

This week, we launch right in with the main story: the misinformation on COVID-19 that's been going around, and the places people have been getting it from. On YouTube (21m). And Now: An All-Coronavirus Installment of Coming Up On "Inside Edition." Finally, talk-show host Wendy Williams and her at-home adventures.

The white void: "TV's greatest celebration of whiteness since Frasier"
Rush Limbaugh's golden microphone: "See-Threepio's penis."

Coronavirus misinformers shown--
Televangelist Kenneth Copland, who chanted in counterpoint with others on a stage: "Covid 19!", made a theatrical blowing sound, then something like "I blow! The wind of god! On you! You are destroyed forever! And you will never be back!" while pointing at the camera.
Rush Limbaugh: "This Coronavirus... all of this panic is just not warrented. I'm telling you--when I tell you, when I've told you that this virus is the common cold, when I said that, it was based on the number of cases, it was also based on the kind of virus this is. Why do you think this is 'COVID-19'? This is the 19th Coronavirus. Not uncommon!" (This is breathtakingly [almost bur thankfully not entirely literally] wrong. It's named COVID-19 because it was discovered in 2019, and other Coronaviruses include SARS.)
Fox News: which first downplayed the dangers then the number of deaths that occured from the Coronavirus.
Dr. Phil: who, in trying to minimize the deaths caused by COVID-19, said that swimming pools kill 360,000 people a year. (It's more like 4,000.)
Tucker Carlson: "Early evidence suggests that 'choroquine,' that's a cheap anti-malaria drug, may be effective in treating Coronavirus."
And of course Donald Trump: who parrots whatever misinformation Fox News shows him.

Things that don't protect against COVID-19: Microwaving your mail, eating garlic and drinking breast milk (really?).

Things that don't cause COVID-19: 5G networks

F. 37 "Hippocratus Hypocritum" DR. OZ
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The Corona stuff I knew, the Wendy Williams stuff is amazing.
posted by emjaybee at 6:40 PM on April 20, 2020

They really shouldn't have spent so much time on Wendy Williams. She has done some shitty things in the past.

Wendy Williams: Daytime TV's Biggest Meanie .
Did Wendy Williams Joke About Drew Carey's Ex-Fiancee's Death?

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The Sean Hannity clips - ... WTH is he wearing a f-ing Punisher lapel pin?!
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Hasn't the Punisher logo become something of a pro-police logo? For all the wrong reasons?
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In closeups you can see that the pin has a blue stripe, so it's sort of a blue-lives-matter totenkopf.
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