The Great British Sewing Bee: Season 6, Episode 1
April 25, 2020 12:27 AM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Twelve amateur sewers compete over ten weeks (BBC).
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Hugo Boss!
posted by mirthe at 1:16 PM on April 25, 2020

It was so delightful to find out that there was a new season!

I loved Peter's fabric choices, especially for the dress. Shame that he miscalculated the size of the bodice. His transformed dress from men's shirt was jaw-dropping, and wouldn't have been out of place on a catwalk.
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This is such a lovely show. I can't sew, which makes this really interesting for me. There's always such a lovely camaraderie between the contestants, and the judges are critical in the nicest possible way. This is like an hour of a TV hug.

I loved the dress made for the model by the woman from Trinidad (I don't know anyone's names yet), the dress with the tassels. I really like seeing everyone's different styles in their fabric choices for the pattern challenge, and their interpretation of the model challenge.

If you like this show, check out The Great Pottery Throwdown, which is just the same but for ceramics.
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You can watch the Sewing Bee here, but you need REALLY good ad blockers, so watch it on a laptop rather than a tablet.
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It probably won't last the whole season, but right now the first two episodes are up on YouTube for anyone wanting to check the show out (you should!)
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I can't find it on youtube - guess it was already taken down - and the BBC can tell I'm not in the UK. And prior seasons aren't showing up on Britbox or Acorn.

Ya know if the brits want to take over the colonies again and let us watch the sewing bee ... I think we could talk about it.
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bunderful, I'm memailing you a link.

FWIW I just tried searching youtube again for "great british sewing bee e06" and a few decent copies of the episodes were listed. Maybe the results are region-based? At any rate I've noticed in previous years that while the first few episodes of Great British Sundry shows tend to be available on YT, later episodes often aren't for a long time, so this isn't necessarily a sustainable approach for the whole season but at least a way of getting a taste of it.

And now that I'm searching it looks like a few earlier seasons are available on YT in their entirety at the moment. So for anyone interested: Season 1 is very short and kind of rough around the edges, but cute; Season 2 has possibly the most stylish sewer in the entire run; Season 3 iirc has an unusually strong presence of male contestants; Season 4 is the first with Esme Young as a judge; and Season 5 is the first hosted by Hugo Boss né Joe Lycett.
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(He’s back to Joe Lycett now!)
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No! How thrilling :-)
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