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April 26, 2020 7:53 PM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

After a series of religious frauds are murdered, Scully and Mulder become concerned about the safety of a 10-year-old boy who has been exhibiting signs of stigmata.
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Another reversal episode - I get the feeling that Mulder doesn't do nearly as much emotional labour for Scully as she does for his pursuits.

The (good looker) kid went on to have a decent acting career, if lower key.

Great R. Lee Ermey cameo. Michael Berryman credits being cast in this as opening up a lot more roles (and jarred him from the typecast, a little bit) for his career.

Mulder implying that the fake blood was ketchup is wrong. Karo syrup (a high fructose liquid sugar) with food colouring is a staple "fake blood" for filming hence his initial mention of "sweet/ suggary." Also - putting something from a crime scene in one's mouth? Yuk.

But a play on rubbing suspected powder cocaine on one's gums (cocaine feels similar to novacaine). That Mulder's lips/ tongue got stained red was lol.

Feel for the dad character; falsely accused/ convicted (despite being unhinged enough for cops to be called in response to his behaviour), but loved his kid enough not to remain (too) bitter.

The grade school "gross!" scene played too true. I still feel bad for when someone in the seat ahead of me randomly threw up and I reacted to everyone else's reaction (violently scooting chairs away, even from across the room) instead of going into the hall to get some paper towels (and moisten some of them from a water fountain) for them.
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Another reversal episode - I get the feeling that Mulder doesn't do nearly as much emotional labour for Scully as she does for his pursuits.

Yes. Mulder can be very dismissive once he's made some snap judgment. This one reminded me of how he refused to take the rape victim in "Excelsis Dei" seriously, and I got pissed off with him all over again.

Scully: [exits the motel bathroom where she has left 10-year-old Kevin to have a bath]
Mulder: You never draw my bath.

Speaking of emotional labour....

Kevin's stigmata wounds should have been through his wrists, not his palms, as people were crucified that way in Roman times. So, whatever force is working through him is probably not either celestial or Satanic, but may possibly be, say, the spirit of a medieval painter.

Given that Scully was the one on the scene when Simon Gates got recycled to death (does that mean he'll be reincarnated?), I don't think she could delegate giving an official statement on his death to Mulder.

Kevin Zegers (who played Kevin Kryder) certainly was a good-looking boy. I was curious as to what he looked like not that he's all grown up, and checked out his IMDB page. No surprise there -- he turned out to be hot, and has done some modelling as well as working pretty steadily as an actor.
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