Extraction (2020)
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Tyler Rake, a fearless black market mercenary, embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he's enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.

Now streaming on Netflix. Starring Chris Hemsworth. Written by Joe Russo, based on the graphic novel he co-wrote, Ciudad.

The Ringer: The Streaming Pile: If You Love Gnarly Action Sequences, You Will Love ‘Extraction’. But if you love good writing, prepare for immense disappointment.
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Started this last night. I usually love "operator" movies but even I found this one exhausting. The action scenes are great, but -- if visceral, stomach-churningly violent finishing moves aren't your thing -- lose their charm pretty quickly. A weapons-grade dosage of white saviour vibes didn't help its case, either.

I think Hemsworth has kind of sewered his career in that he's a pretty worthless choice for grim, ripped, fantasy-bar-fight-avatar action movie leads now. He's just too charming and good with his comedy chops, and comes off as a bit ridiculous when he's cast as a broken, hurt-people-hurt-people bruiser. Of course, many people would say this is actually the opposite of "sewering" your career, and just means you're a good, likeable actor who can play outside their typecast.
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So do you think that was an out-of-focus Rake sitting poolside at the very end, watching the boy? I'm thinking they left it up in the air in case the movie did well and they wanted a sequel.

It had the most basic, simplistic plot but I had no expectations going in and was fine with that. It was one of those movies - all of the women in it were window dressing, including the one gorgeous member of his team. He had some kind of issue he couldn't live with (the death of his son) which made him not care about anything, until he found something (someone) to care about. Full of formulaic cliches. It was an action movie where I watched it mainly to see a guy mow down lots of people and it did not disappoint in that regard.
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I watched it the other day. It was entertaining in a series-of-action-shots kind of way, but there are fps videogames that have a deeper plot.

That's got to be an out-of-focus Rake in the background; why leave money on the table? (that, and the heavy handed meditating underwater thing mirrored by the boy indulging i the same even though there was no foreknowledge)

Maybe in the sequel he'll have exactly zero lines of dialogue because of damage to his vocal cords.

A weird thing was, his backup team was so close to rescuing him and he just falls over the side of the bridge?
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A weird thing was, his backup team was so close to rescuing him and he just falls over the side of the bridge?

My take on that was that he had done what he had set out to do; save the kid. Having done that, he felt he had nothing to live for. My mind just started scriptwriting at this point, and this is what happened: someone from his team dove into the water and pulled him to shore. The bullet to the neck was not the mortal wound he thought; he was merely grazed. The bullet to the back missed all organs and also his spine. He adopted the gangster's kid and they both lived happily ever after. The end. Until the next time.
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Oh, the webmistress - that could explain the underwater meditation, if Rake adopted him.

But why go back to his private school (and bad influences, and dad's rivals/ dad)?

Maybe those fancy private schools just all look same.
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How Netflix’s Extraction engineered a 12-minute, one-shot action sequence. Director Sam Hargrave drew heavily on his stunt work background to pull it off.
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Watched it last night. It was fine. Nice change to have an Australian actor playing an Australian character. I agree that he is a bit too charismatic to be an optimal choice for grimdark, though.
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Sequel just announced!
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Foreigner kills hundreds of first responders to rescue gangster's son from other gangsters: local newspaper headlines.
So much craft in service of a dopey story.
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