Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend
May 12, 2020 3:25 PM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Kimmy makes out, reads a book, and/or plans a wedding in Netflix's first interactive, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style comedy special!
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Not a Spoiler: I definitely haven't gone down all paths of this thing, but I know that when an option remains on the screen after you get a "do-over," you may get different footage from it.
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(And for my money, the funniest thing they did that I've seen so far, based on pure audacity plus Kemper's marathon physical comedy throughout it, is the Taco Snake Holiday Greeting.)
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Wait, is this released already ? Netflix in the Netherlands has this message displayed : "Release of this special is delayed. We're prioritizing the safety of voice actors."
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Weird! I watched through it a few times yesterday (in the U.S. though.)
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Found an article on this: Why Isn’t ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Interactive Special on Netflix Everywhere?

They are delayed because of dubbing, which is a stupid reason for the Netherlands because it isn't even dubbed in Dutch...
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Apparently, this does not work using the Netflix app on an AppleTV.
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Hmm, well, while I was fully geographically in Canada the other day, I was amazed to see how many things they have on their Netflix they don't in the US, which I would have never even considered a thing worth considering which I am now sorely considering.

I have not seen this taco snake nor the robot uprising but I do know that trying to skip the intro yields results and I have no idea how many combinations are needed for differences. I didn't bother with Bandersnatch because it didn't sound... fun? but I wonder if somewhere someone catalogued all the variations and if someone was going to do it for this. The changes so far have been pretty substantial, where at first it seems like they are slotting you down a set path with the do overs.

Daniel Radcliff is turning out to be delightful in his choices since Potter and it's nice to have him and Hamm together again, even though there is no way they can be together... unless it's tricksier than I thought-- oh god--
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This was a much more satisfying finale than the original series finale. I enjoyed the interactivity though none of it seemed to really impact everything - all the bad choices seemed to leap back to a previous point if it didn't work out that way. The "Skip Intro" thing was great and glad I saw the robot uprising but I haven't been back to try to find other things. I know Bandersnatch had lots of decision trees appear online in the days after it was released. I hope the same for this as I don't really want to try too hard at this.
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I did 3 or 4 loops of taco snake.
But after that it seemed fairly linear.
I probably missed something.

It's nice to see more content in this format but it's probably a nightmare to write and film.
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I enjoyed this a lot but it did feel so much like slight variations on the same single story as the decisions don't really push it into other directions that aren't "boy that didn't work! Try again!" Whereas Bandersnatch actually felt like different stories panned out that led to genuinely different conclusions even if one was frequently given the option to go back and make a different choice. Still fun, though! And Radcliffe was a delight.
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That was a great series finale.
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It finally arrived in the Netherlands and I liked it a lot ! I of course killed the reverend three ways.
Kimmy wore the fun dress and had a happy wedding but Titus didn't star in his movie, ruined his voice and Jacqueline ended the Time's Up movement... oops..
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