She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 5
May 15, 2020 11:58 AM - Season 5 (Full Season) - Subscribe

As the princesses struggle to keep the rebellion alive under Horde Prime's occupation, Adora must decide how to help her friends — without She-Ra.
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Oh good this is out now I will proceed to watch the entire show again.

This show is so good and I really need this kind of stuff right now. Ill be back to actually comment on season 5 once I get to it.

Thanks for the post giving a heads up
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It's quality content. Enjoy!
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Aaaaaaa it is SO GOOD
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Oh good this is out now I will proceed to watch the entire show again.

I didn't rewatch the whole show but I did watch the 2 part finale from S04 which got me back up to speed very well.
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OK I made it through the whole show. I'm a little surprised they did a Korra on us.
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I love this show! So many moments of awesome in his season, and while I have some quibbles it was just great. Also I love the little changes in the title sequence.
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I'm a little surprised they did a Korra on us.

I'm not, this show has always been gayer than Christmas and it's been telegraphed hard through the whole series. Good times!
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There's a YouTuber who has been doing amazing crack clip videos of the show that leave me cackling/sniffling. Here are the two for Season 5: one, and two. I've actually been thinking I might do a crack video FPP but haven't put it together yet.
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It was so much better than Korra in terms of representation, though!

1. Bow's dads
2. Spinnerella and Netossa
3. Huntara
4. Scorpia
5. Double Trouble
6. Kyle and Rogellio!...and they adopted the weird mini-Hordak baby?

And of course, Saving the Universe via Magical Lesbian Kiss is better than hand-holding in the last 5 seconds, ala Korra.

(not slamming Korra; they weren't allowed to do more).

It just fixes so many things wrong with media directed at girls. There's a variety of female body types; men don't save the day but are part of the team; nobody's wearing things that look like armored bikinis and stripper heels; there's a real plot and world-building beyond "beat the bad ugly dude." It just ended in a way that was incredibly satisfying.
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This show always reminded me of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Ancient high tech civilizations, robots, magic swords, and lots of other tropes mixed together in similar ways. But the show hit peak "open world game" when She-ra took down a tower and the giant glowing Horde symbol was replaced with her own giant glowing sword symbol.

Loved all the Entrapta moments we got this season. The Vader/Emperor scene with Hordak was telegraphed a mile away and it was still great. I did like one of the characters (Mermista?) remarking "and we're just ok with this?" when Hordak is celebrating with the group at the end.

I am a little disappointed that everything wasn't saved by the Power of Shanty.
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It got a little slow around early season 4 for me, because I felt it was too much back and forth between Catra and Adora, and then Catra seemed irredeemable after the portal thing. Then I heard season 5 would be the end, so I gave season 4 another chance and it got super interesting towards the end (of course), and I was so ready for season 5. And now that I finished season 5 I can say it's one of the best shows ever.

My only quibble was that, while it might have been addressed offscreen, Catra really needed a therapeutic B-plot that showed her overcoming with her huge insecurity and abandonment issues. Other characters (Double Trouble, Shadow Weaver) rudely pointed out her issues, but nobody ever just talked her through it, other than Adora just acknowledging their feelings together and stopped pushing Catra away at the end. But I know no one wants long talky scenes in a show like this.

Also, they wrapped up so quick, I wanted a last line from everyone, and for somebody to say something nice about Shadow Weaver's sacrifice.

Anyway this was so progressive and I loved it.
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It turns out that they win in the end. Who could have foreseen?

This show was excellent and Scorpia is the best. It took a while to acknowledge that everyone's strength and powers would always be scaled exactly to suit the drama of the scene, but once I focused on enjoying the ride it was a really fun ride!

The first time I heard the theme song, I'd just finished marking some exams, and thereafter every time a new episode started I couldn't help going through the scene in my mind:

Please list 4 things you must do to win in the end (4 marks)
Student: we must be strong
Me: yes, good start
S: we must be brave
M: nice!
S: we've got to find every bit of strength that we have and never let it go
M: okay, that's stronger than point 1, but still the same point
S: we must be strong!

It's just such a familiar scenario that I can't hear it any other way.
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I did like the evolution of Netossa from "I toss nets" to "I have a contingency plan to take out all of my teammates because I'm Batman".

Including the spray bottle on Catra which was perfect.
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Including the spray bottle on Catra which was perfect.

That was a perfect moment.
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We were carefully spacing out our watching to one episode a day, so we have only just finished, and


I, uh, I may have more to say about it at a later time.
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