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I just love that AU fanfic of reality is acceptable literature. I think that's a good thing. But I can imagine wanting to read a book that posits, "What if we DIDN'T have to live in the darkest timeline?" We are where we are.
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The first thing I would do with a time machine is buy HR a drink, build up her confidence to retake the NY bar exam, and convince her not to go back to Arkansas. That plus previous experience with Curtis Sittenfeld means the idea of reading this book makes my heart hurt but I am curious where she took the story, which is a long-winded way of saying I'm lurking here for spoilers.
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I just love that AU fanfic of reality is acceptable literature ...

... but also, this is RPF of living people. To me and to a lot of fans, this is a hard limit for emotional [typo: meant ethical] reasons as well as legal ones, although you could argue that one could not hurt Hillary Clinton's feelings too much more at this point.
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I read a bunch of Rodham sex scenes so you wouldn't have to -- Jezebel

Thanks to this, I ended up doing some image search to see if Bill Clinton really does have Yaoi Hands. He doesn't.
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I read a bunch of Rodham sex scenes so you wouldn't have to -- Jezebel

So, that's a perfect example of sex scenes that would be cringey enough-yet-totally-reasonable if they were about entirely fictional characters,, I just can't with this.

Curtis Sittenfeld is one of my favourite authors if and only if I can pretend that she never wrote Eligible. I have a bad feeling that I'm going to have to add this one to that list of her works I have to conveniently disavow.
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I’ve read and enjoyed all of Sittenfeld’s books and this one was grueling to get through. The first third with all the Clinton sex was extremely rough and after that it became boring. There’s some weird off-putting alternate reality stuff with Trump I really disliked as well. Nothing about the book was redeeming, honestly, except maybe the 2 pages imagining a 2017 Inauguration Day that had gone the other way.
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