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Mulder and Scully investigate the case of a man who is arrested after apparently pushing his colleague in front of a bus, but who claims he was actually trying to save him from that fate, which was predicted down to the exact time by a strange old man they met earlier.
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No comment on Scully's (and Mulder's) take on academic throat-cutting.

Yes, that's an NMR spectra. So, "No one at the lab could hazard a guess, but they think it's some kind of unidentifiable chemical compound." is kind of hillarious.

They literally identified it, through the NMR spectra. They know what shape it is, and what it's made of. Does it resemble any other known molecules? Easily checked.

Also, NMR needs a reasonable amount of very VERY purified material. Not going to get that from a drop of blood. Likely would have to put the blood through some kind of HPLC, then inject (interesting/ unknown) peaks into the NMR.

If the writers meant that the sample contained chemistry outside of conventional knowledge, they did a poor job of it.

The cold stuff &c. is fantasy.

At about 26 minutes in, that's probably on location and not a set. An SRO back then. Nowadays.

lol, Scully just rattling off "And if your sister is your aunt, and your mother married your uncle, you'd be you're own grandpa."

The climax is really '12 Monkeys' (TV) but of course this came first.
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Frozen revival + time travel = Synchrony (1997)

Frozen revival + angels and demons = Hideaway (1995)
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Why on earth was Old Jason so BAD at managing the situation? He couldn't have arrived back in time a day or two earlier, and taken the time to talk to Young Jason and get his cooperation in what had to be done, but instead leaves it until the last minute and then comes across as a crazy/drunken/senile jackass so that Young Jason and Lucas won't listen to him? It's so frustrating to watch him screw the whole thing up repeatedly.

Jason and Lisa do not at all strike me as a couple in love. For that matter all the characters in this episode seemed like pawns on a chessboard being played according to rules that didn't even make sense.

Mulder uses a fire extinguisher to break the glass of the lab when Old Jason is attacking Young Jason, and then stands there watching Young Jason burn to death... while still holding a fire extinguisher.

From the Wikia:

Scully's statement that she was 23 when she wrote her senior thesis in college throws off her timeline of college, med school, residency, FBI Academy, Quantico teaching assignment for two years, and X-Files assignment at 28. Her undergraduate degree in Physics should have been completed when she was 20 or 21 to allow at least 4 or 5 years for her medical training.

If student Scully wrote her undergraduate thesis on time travel... she already had an interest in the supernatural.

Mulder going to the trouble to find and read Scully's thesis is basically the Mulder equivalent of buying her a dozen red roses.
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and read Scully's thesis

I kinda don't know about this.

I've looked up (prospective) coworkers' (recentish if they got their doctorates recently) PhD theses before. Rejected a large percentage based on those readings. If they wrote it more than 5 or 6 years ago, I take that into account and weigh that a lot less.

otoh, I'm totally sketched out/ embarrassed with a lot of what I've put in the public domain previous to what I put out after my mid-doctorate candidacy. Even when I was doing my mid-doctorate candidacy.

Time Travel, in the context of physics, could potentially be less "woo" and more "hard mathematics" (within the constraints of mathematics delimited by experimental physics) and could be a valid historical and/ or theoretical thesis.
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