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Hello, I suggest a rolling thread here in FF Talk which can serve as a catchall chatroom for Trek topics. This could be it, or maybe not. I was just musing about the range of upcoming Trek stiff coming up and our current on going TAS and TNG threads and thought, hm, sometimes I see a Trek thing I wanna share here but am always uncertain where. So, if you’re open to the idea and MeFi’s UI can make it work appropriately, please step into Ten Forward. Rumor has it that Guinan will be returning in s02 of PIC, but in the meantime, I’ll do my best, and of course you’re all welcome to step behind the bar as the, er, spirits move you.
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First question: look at the tags.

STST and SNW (which just autocorrected to NSW) are, mmm, inadequate for Star Trek: Short Treks and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. We’ve settled on LOW, I think. Thoughts?
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Do we have / need to have the Trek equivalent of the mcu_club tag?

Not that I know how that works on the back end, but it does rope all the various threads under one convenient umbrella.
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I wonder if we'll ever get on-screen confirmation that Riker and Guinan TOTALLY banged, as in my thoroughly justified headcanon.
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I wanted to drop a couple links to non-Memory Alpha Trek sites that are often useful places for background and analysis.

Ex Astris Scienta is a long running nitpicker’s site with a wide range of resources and analyses.

Forgotten Trek excepts and summarizes a range of sources on Trek, often production-oriented ones.
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Lower Decks trailer
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Lower Decks trailer yt
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Okay, I'm a hard pass on that one. Trek has often been very good at poking fun of its own tropes as comic relief in episodes, but zany animated hijinx just looks a step too far for me.
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I agree that the trailer doesn't inspire confidence. But at the same time, this seems like the kind of thing CBS would have nooooo friggin' clue how to market. I mean, in fairness, who would?

I'm not a Rick & Morty / Solar Opposites partisan, but I enjoy them enough (and I am of course enough of a Trek partisan) that I will watch at least the first few episodes of this.

I wouldn't be shocked if it went the Orville route in terms of getting all the wackiest humor out of its system in the first dozen or so episodes, then turning largely serious with a side order of wry. (I finally watched Orville, BTW. It's uneven, but I enjoyed it, relucantly.)
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