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June 1, 2020 8:55 PM - Season 4, Episode 23 - Subscribe

Mulder wakes up in a Providence motel room alone, in a shirt stained with blood that is not his, and with two rounds gone from his gun, at 4:50 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and he cannot remember anything from the last 48 hours.
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Tense episode.

Having been grilled by cops on occasions for both stuff that I didn't do and times when I did do it, I somewhat feel Mulder's predicament - but not knowing whether I did something or not, that's scary.

Mulder's "What's in the bag" evoked (checking, yes, this came later) 'Se7en''s "What's in the box!".

Oh wow. I wonder how much Mulder will remember from this to recognize that Spender looks a lot like young CSM - and that's what tips him off?

Damn, Fox. Damn.

But a forgotten memory, interpreted through adult understanding, about a fight over who's son you really are? Ouch. Then there's Scully's official interpretation, though.
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I liked the film noir-ish premise of this one, but I wish we'd gotten a few more answers as to what happened.

Scully finds Mulder naked in his hotel room bathtub, and her reaction is that of a doctor and a caregiver. There's nothing salacious about the scene at all, and no embarrassment on either side. It felt like true intimacy.

Mulder's mother never does anything but stonewall him when he asks her about the past. It is such an abusive dynamic. Her son has been so traumatized by his sister's disappearance that he is desperate to find out what happened to her. His entire life revolves around his search for the truth, he will try anything, grasp at any straw, go to any length, sacrifice anything to find the answers... and she won't tell him anything or do anything at all to give him some peace. This time she also slapped him in the face.

Mulder continues his pattern of waking people up to do something for him. He calls Scully very early in the morning when he wakes up confused (to be fair, it was the right thing to do in that situation), and then while in prison he tries to get the guard to come to his cell at 4 in the morning, and keeps everyone awake yelling. That time it could wait until morning -- and everyone quite rightly ignored him.

Season 4 was a good hair year for both Mulder and Scully. Mulder's got a sort of split bang style going on that looks really good on him, and Scully has had her best hair of the series: a sleekly cut bob. Some of her previous hairstyles have been kind of overdone (she's not a woman who would waste a lot of time styling her hair every morning), but this one is perfect for her -- so flattering, simple, low maintenance, and classic.
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Season 5 Scully!hair is canonically the best, but I'll grant you Mulder.
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I meant to write "her best hair of the series so far", and forgot the qualifier for some reason.
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