The X-Files: Redux II (Part 3/3)   Rewatch 
June 4, 2020 7:49 PM - Season 5, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Scully is hospitalized as her condition worsens. Mulder attempts to identify the conspiracy's mole within the FBI. The Cigarette Smoking Man offers to solve all of Mulder's problems if he will leave the FBI and work for him in return.
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I like how Mulder is amused by Scully offering to take the fall for killing the guy.

Bill makes it hard to be sympathetic to him. The jerk.

CSM's sniper rifles tend (?) to be revolver based, as is the assassin's here. I always thought that revolver-style guns were less accurate than single shot bolt - or a loading mechanism that seats the bullet directly/ more closely onto the rifling?

Not sure why the microchip is stored in DI water?

No real world mechanisms for a microchip controlling a virally induced cancer, or lead to its spontaneous remission. If I was a writer, I'd probably wave my hands over it synthesizing DNA oligonucleotides and releases it into the bloodstream, runs off of blood sugar, and scavenges free nucleotides as raw material. And monitors oligos secreted by the cancer to crosstalk. Or something.

Can anyone believe Samantha? Real Samantha or clone Samantha? Is she telling the truth, or a "truth" that was implanted in her?

The oncology talk wasn't bad.

CSM and Mulder's talk was shot at the iconic entrance into Gastown from Downtown.

Wonder how much of Mulder's "No deal." is based on knowing how Krycek was used and thrown away - and I wonder if that knowledge makes Spender more sympathetic to him in the future?

... and what a cap to a three-parter. But no one is really dies for good, just a setup for the trope of how CSM keeps coming back and coming back and...
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The Samantha meeting was really hinky. Why wouldn't she have given Mulder contact information? Why wouldn't she have been returned to her parents before now if she was alive? Why doesn't she look anything like any of the girls who have played 8-year-old Samantha? I'm inclined to think clone, or some other kind of trick.

Bill is such a dick. I don't blame him for being angry with Mulder for the loss of Melissa and Dana's (near) fatal cancer, but he should have handled it better than he did. I wonder how Bill and Mulder got along in later years, when Mulder and Scully were living together. Surely she would have taken Mulder home with her to family dinners at some point. I'm imagining Bill hate-passing Mulder the gravy at Christmas dinner, and "accidentally" falling on him when they play Twister.

Is Mulder's "I'm only half dead" a reference to his belief that he's losing Scully, his other half?

Skinner takes a LOT from Mulder.

Mulder kisses Scully on the cheek and on the hand several times in this episode. He's no Eddie van Blundht, but he's working up his courage to plant one on her mouth eventually.

And for once, Mulder does not wake Scully up.
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