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I've only watched the first (Pastor Noah) episode so far, and it was lovely. (And I don't think Tan mentioned a French tuck in the fashion segments at all. Truly, a miracle :-)
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Antoni is not my favorite but I would 100% watch an entire show where he just freaks out about dogs. I relate so much to that.

Like all seasons, it's a bit of a mixed bag, but I'm happy to have it back.
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My life has been missing a lot lately since quarantine started but as soon as I heard JVN start talking again my whole being just went YES YOU ARE WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING

I love JVN so so much
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I'm only one episode in, but y'all, I live in Philly and watching these episodes taking place in my city is TRIPPY. They keep getting stuck in traffic outside of my office building.
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Okay but one thing, whyyyy on a hot summer day in the city do the Fab 5 continue to wear long sleeves and jackets? Yes yes you look stylin', but also insane.
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Let me tell you, friends, it's been a terrible week for me. I think I got through because I knew there was a new season of QE dropping. I agree that older seasons are very much a mixed bag: in a couple of them, I can only rewatch a couple of episodes. I've only watched this season once but I do feel like it's much less that "mixed bag" than other seasons. Frankly, after watching this season and having visited Philadelphia 20 years ago, I'd really like to move there and live in Fishtown!
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TYREEK (from the 4th episode) IS ADORABLE
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Good lord, that eighteen-year-old climate change activist - she's amazing.
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I cried for about five solid minutes after Pastor Megan said the thing.
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You guys if you want to see a bunch of adorable dogs Rahanna's Instagram for Stylish Pooch is here, along with her news that she was already totally booked up through August even before the show dropped!
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I need to know where Rahanna got those cute shoes, I have a tall girl with big feet too. She mentioned Long Tall Sally but I think Tan got those elsewhere.
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I did think that the Rahanna episode was the weakest so far (I'm up to the Jersey Shore episode) in a way, because she didn't really need an intervention the way most of the subjects do, she just. needed. money. I don't mean that she's undeserving of the spotlight and benefit -- just the opposite, she's kick-ass and inspiring and I'm absolutely glad to see representation of the a type of entrepreneurial young black small business owner that I recognize as being a big part of my city. I just mean that the clothes and relationship stuff and undecorated apartment fell a little flat to me because they were not problems she needed a lot of external help with. She has her shit together, she just needed access to capital.
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just needed access to capital.

Yeah. Maybe it's just These Times We're Living Through (although obvs all of the episodes were filmed pre-corona), but I did kinda feel like the whole season for me wound up with a lot of "Maybe you should just give them money? Maybe including some for long term therapy? Because people are dealing with structural issues that can't really be seriously addressed in a week or seriously alleviated with some paint and new furniture."
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Well, I'd say the young activist girl was the weakest under that measure, because she didn't need anything, including money. She was young, pretty, white and came from a privileged background. Obviously her parents are paying for that gap year, and will pay for college. There wasn't much of a transformation to her hair or clothing because she was already pretty and slim and looked fine. I guess she learned to cook a dish?

At least Rahanna was dynamic and extremely enjoyable on camera, unlike Abby (had to look up her name) who was just closed off and crushingly anxious.

And I overall I think "these people just need money (and probably therapy)" is a criticism that could extend to many Queer Eye heroes. Like that family with the all the kids, or that guys with the corgis.

(I'm only up through the DJ episode as well. Not my favorite dude.)
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I am okay with the idea that the chosen recipients are typically benefiting from more than just $$$ because the Fab 5 are performing an intervention, giving them a sort of "reset" on their surroundings plus advice/validation from an external, objective source.

So, in that vein, I thought the Abby episode was sweet. I liked that they decided NOT to invest in giving her a swank bedroom in a temporary space and instead Bobby redirected his effort into a benefit to the organization.

The Jersey Shore DJ guy wasn't my favorite, but I liked that the presumed narrative of "all he has to do is give up this childish shit and he'll magically meet a Nice Girl and turn into a family man," was not where they went, because it's not actually realistic advice and would have just led to more self-loathing.
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