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June 6, 2020 8:04 PM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

While on their way to a team-building seminar, Mulder and Scully are sidetracked by an investigation into the unexplained disappearance of several people in the woods of Northern Florida.
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Refreshing MoTW episode, but I hesitate to use Monster. The speculation that they were conquistadors who had partaken from the a 'fountain of youth' and were somehow transformed was creative.

Scully and Mulder suffering through gung ho teambuilding partners is cute, as was the excuse - any excuse - to get out of it.

Scully started out in a pair of heels, must have packed a pair of those black runners or something with her casual clothes and windbreaker.

I couldn't make myself believe that was Florida.

Surprisingly glad that Search & Rescue lady survived, moreso than even the dad.

The tree ring thing - that's riffing on a famous movie that I'm completely flubbing on. Did it have esperento and pre-Kirk Shatner, or Death?
posted by porpoise at 9:44 PM on June 6, 2020

The tree people were one of the silliest monsters in the entire X-Files oeuvre, but there were redeeming moments in this episode.

Of course Mulder would rather be shot than go to a teamwork workshop. The guy is a free agent to the core and never thinks he should have to do anything he doesn't want to do. I can sympathize with him though -- I remember suffering through those sorts of corporate workshop events myself. It did strike me as a bit of a stretch that those other FBI agents would be so earnest about it.

I had a fond memory of this exchange, which is one of Scully's rare, subtly flirtatious comments to Mulder (usually it's him making them and her not giving him any encouragement):

Mulder: It’s open. [Scully enters Mulder's motel room with tray of cheese and mini bottle of wine.] Who cut the cheese?
Scully: Since you won’t be making it to the conference ....
Mulder: Partaaayyy!
Scully: However, I must remind you this goes against the Bureau’s policy of male and female agents consorting in the same motel room while on assignment. (opens wine)
Mulder: Try any of that Tailhook crap on me, Scully, I’ll kick your ass.

Did they have to have him use the expression "Tailhook crap"? Eighty-three women and seven men were sexually assaulted during the Tailhook Association Symposium. Any other joke would have been better that that one. Also, Mulder never even has any of the cheese or wine that Scully brought him because he has to go haring off to do something he thought of, the jackass.

The entire campfire conversation was great, as was Scully's singing of "Joy to the World". She wasn't being modest when she said she can't carry a tune. She really can't sing.


I found I couldn't remember what happened to the parents and their son, and I was ridiculously relieved that they survived.

The tree creatures never attack people when they're in a group. You'd think they would have figured that out a little sooner and made sure to stick closely together.
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I recall reading interviews where Anderson claims to have deliberately sang out of tune, and is more skillful irl.

The scandal ended the careers of Secretary of the Navy Henry Garrett and Chief of Naval Operations Frank Kelso, both of whom attended the convention.

Jebus. But so Mulder. But jebus, the GOP and military pushback against the discipline meted out by the Clinton administration.
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It did seem a stretch to me that Mulder and Scully would have packed windbreakers, t-shirts, jeans and shoes suitable for forest hike for a conference, but I suppose it's possible they may have had some of those items with them, and bought whatever else they needed at a local store.
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Maybe part of the teambuilding agenda included an outdoor group hike?

The earnestness of the eager beaver agents is definitely jarring, and played for laughs. My headcannon now is that they're concealing an affair and are using overenthusiastic affect as an attempt at concealment.
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I couldn't make myself believe that was Florida.

You know, the Vancouver part of Florida.
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