Insecure: Lowkey Trying
June 8, 2020 6:29 PM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Issa considers doing Nathan a favor; Dr. Rhonda and Andrew ask Molly to consider a different approach in dealing with people who have wronged her.

Penultimate episode of the season, directed by Kerry Washington. Also, Bernie Sanders is six feet tall?!
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From Awsomely Luvvie's recap:
I think Molly has played the bigger role in the demise of their friendship and it was apparent at the end of this episode. She was the one who ignited the fight at the Block Party between them, she’s the one who came at Issa’s head on a day that she should have been celebrating her. Issa still reached out to her first. Molly hasn’t been putting in the work, just erecting walls of ego and stubbornness, and instead of trying to salvage it all, she’s more interested in holding a grudge.

What is the gift of that much pride? Losing love, even if that love is non-romantic. Some of our best love stories are the ones we have with our girlfriends and Molly took scissors to this one. What Issa felt was rejection and she had a right to.

Molly, girl. I’m pissed at you. This lack of accountability is already permeating her relationship with Andrew, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him walk away too. Ugh. Do better, Miss Carter.
Yes to all of this. I love Molly, but her character stumbled back to her old self in a big way.
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I'm sorry to bring this awful guy into the thread, but this is quite peculiar. This episode was good, still hoping Issa and Molly can make it work but it's not looking like it.
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I really liked this episode in particular and then I saw it was directed by Kerry Washington and I was like Oh I wonder if that's why.
I dunno I feel for Molly. Sometimes you just get too aware of the larger and larger pile of garbage someone's leaving on your stoop to be able to look past it anymore. I think their relationship was just naturally getting outgrown, Issa got too comfortable and crossed a line, and Molly is just done.
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I'm sorry to bring this awful guy into the thread, but this is quite peculiar.

It might be related to Kendrick Sampson, the actor who plays Nathan. He's been quite active lately, including being interviewed on a FOX station about defunding the police, and getting beaten and shot with rubber bullets while protesting in L.A. Here's his twitter feed.
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