The X-Files: Sanguinarium   Rewatch 
December 9, 2014 8:02 AM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

A series of bizarre murders in a hospital's plastic surgery unit lead Mulder and Scully to believe that witchcraft is somehow involved.
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I've been going back through the X-Files, which I watched during the original run at what was probably far too young an age. I was just shy of nine when this one aired... but when I saw the episode description on Netflix, I immediately knew "oh shit, this is the one with the liposuction tube that gradually fills up with blood!" I had forgotten the entire plot, and most of the other gore, but that one image is one of the ones that has really stuck with me and fucked with my head, right up there with the girl cutting her own wrists while dissecting a pig in Die Hand Die Verletzt, or the guy getting crushed by bleachers in Syzygy.

I decided to post this one because I actually enjoyed it, and was somewhat surprised that it seems to have been very negatively received at the time it aired. Sure, the dialogue was a bit pat, but I liked the 'dueling witchcrafts' angle and the fact that the bad guy actually gets away with everything, and I thought the evil doctor and the not-evil nurse were both really good actors. So, what gives, exactly? Why so much hate for this one in particular?

Ok, so "There's magic going on here, Mulder. Only it's being done with silicone, collagen, and a well-placed scalpel" is a terrible line. But still.
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Argh! That scene. Something about being stabbed to death from the inside has always pushed my body horror buttons.
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This is definitely the goriest episode I've seen yet on this rewatch. I was actually pretty shocked that they got this on network TV in, what, 1996?
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I have never seen these comics before!
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Oh, and they (the comics) seem quite funny.

I have zero memory of this episode. I'll give it a rewatch tonight.
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MotW is fabulous. I can't wait until it starts updating again - the artist just had a baby, so it's on temporary hiatus. (Also, check out the note at the bottom of this one!)
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I remember being very upset that David Duchovny mispronounced "Samhain".
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