The X-Files: Kitsunegari   Rewatch 
June 10, 2020 8:51 PM - Season 5, Episode 8 - Subscribe

In a sequel to "Pusher", Robert Patrick Modell recuperates enough from his injuries to break out of the prison hospital, and Mulder tries to figure out what Modell's new game is.
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I did not care for this episode, despite liking the original "Pusher".
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This episode didn't make much sense. First of all it's totally unrealistic that Modell would still be alive and functional. Modell loves toying with people and killing them, because it makes him feel powerful, but now his only concern is to protect his formerly unknown twin sister? You'd also think he could have been more effective at protecting her. We're supposed to see Linda Bowman as the new Modell, but it's never the same sort of cat and mouse game with her that it is with Modell and Mulder.

Since when is a paint colour labelled *on the can* in big letters like that? In my experience paint comes in white, is mixed to order, and then labelled with a sticker on the top.

Skinner absolutely refused to believe that he didn't actually see a gun in Modell's hand. (I wonder how much he believes in the supernatural stuff he sees in Mulder and Scully's reports.) Mulder knows he was mind-controlled into nearly killing Scully (again), but still blames himself. Not surprisingly, since he so recently came very close to losing Scully in a way for which he blames himself -- almost losing her again, and by his own act, would really shake him up.
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Good catch on the paint can! Props department has to make non-branded version of stuff, like the Morley cigarettes. I wonder what the work environment is like in a props dept because it looks like a lot of fun.

Modell - why not just tackle and gag him on sight? Why point a gun at him that you know you aren't going to use - at least, not on him? It'd be police brutality, though.

It falls to Scully to fatally shoot a dangerous pusher. Her hippocratic oath and her responsibilities as law enforcement really conflicts again. I'd imagine that she probably has, long ago, developed a modified hippocratic with utilitarian least-harm including dependent consequences.

The sister's mercy - that's probably one of the least traumatic deaths that I could imagine. Props to the writers for that.

I can see an ex-marine swearing by their at-the-time threat assessment. Skinner saw a gun. He did, really. Skinner's personally seen some paranormal stuff before in Vietnam, and the succubus.

At this point in time, I'd hazard that Skinner accepts that there are phenomena that he doesn't understand but is completely flummoxed by what all this weird stuff has to do with aliens and the conspiracy.

And completely unwilling to admit anything.
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