Roderick on the Line: Ep. 133: "Secret Pope Songs"
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Roderick on the Line, Ep. 133: "Secret Pope Songs" on Huffduffer The Problem: John needs a more profound small bag.

John and Merlin revisit the idea of a "small go bag" and use it as a jumping off point to discuss: "Small Bag" as a lifestyle (e.g. reduce stuff you have/use/own to that one perfect item); old shoes, small shoes, gift shoes; the life-hat; secret pope songs; an experience John had in France as a youth, involving theft and the Freedom of Loss; a brief discussion of collections (including belt buckles); wooden forks, and how they represent being prepared for novel situations (You want Stew? Get your fork.); Parents as pack-mules; ending with an analysis of twins, names, and Kat vs Kate vs Katie. DING!
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My approach to the small bag thing is not to have the perfect small bag, but to have perfect smaller bags that then get thrown into whatever bag I'm using. The optimization is focused one level down. And since the smaller bags are always encased by some larger container, they are completely released from the problem of being aesthetically pleasing. They can just be purely functional.

I've got one smaller bag that is my tiny apothecary (medications and self-care items), and another that is all the doodads (chargers, etc.) that are necessary to lead a be-gadgeted life.
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It's funny, I recently bought some wingtips on sale, and it wasn't until I wore them a few times that I determined I didn't really like them, but I wasn't sure why. Now I know why -- it's because they are small shoes. They fit me fine, they just look... small when I am wearing them. I know exactly what John was talking about.

The (admittedly appealing) notion of forkpacking seems to go against the grain of living Small Bag, though. It's planning for an unlikely eventuality. To my way of thinking, if you get offered some stew when you don't have a fork? That's not stew you were supposed to have.
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I feel like I have heard the theft in Avignon story before. Did John tell it in a previous episode?
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mnfn - maybe Ep. 29: "Eventually My Scabs Healed"?
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What struck me most in this episode was when John was describing the bag he was carrying in Avignon, and Merlin says words to the effect of, "I bet you really liked yourself then."

Yes. Exactly. This.

All my things are in order, I have prepared and planned, I have pared away the things that do not matter. It is just me, and my preparation, engaging with the world and being successful in exactly the way I have defined success. And now I like myself.
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