Stargirl: Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite
June 16, 2020 6:25 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

As Courtney sets her sights on recruiting more members to the JSA, Pat finds himself one step closer to learning which ISA members may be in Blue Valley. Meanwhile, a search for Rick leads Courtney, Yolanda, and Beth to Cindy Burman's Halloween party.
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Heh. Whatever else the sinister American Dream Project entails, at least we know that they must have a weather control machine already. Looking at you, 'Nebraska on Oct 31' climate portrayal.

Because I'm the kind of lonely person that watches other people's video reactions to shows rather than rewatch episodes..,
One thing that's been universally remarked on in that sphere, but not here yet I think, about this show, is HOW GOOD IT LOOKS.
They're not just spending more money on this, they're spending it very well. The lensing, the sets, the's a long way from early CW 'how many times can we fight in the same warehouse'.

And that was the easter egg I needed in Justin the Janitor's hat.
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This show really loins good, it moves well, and the vf Deckers of the ng gains have been mainly well defined.

It also has the advantage over the other CW shows that the impulsive bad decisions are being made by teenagers, so they don't have to pretend that a reasonable adult would make them.

That said, I think Courtney's plan on handing out magical superheroic items is getting more and more contrary. "Here emotionally damaged person who wants nothing to do with me, have a dangerous gadget!" "Oh you WANT to join us and figured out how the goggles work? Sorry, this is srs bznss."

Seriously, Courtney seemed to hate having the slow in the other foot- but then, she's 15.
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Yes, having lived in Nebraska for several years I was quite amused at the Halloween weather and greenery in Blue Valley.
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These comments are going to be all over the map, so here goes nothing.

First (and I say this not having paid any attention to the gender mix of writers on this show), I'm really bothered by Courtney's treatment of Beth, specifically in light of her treatment of geeky magic guy (whose name I don't recall). She was all sweetness and light and supportive of the teenage boy in front of the wider school audience, proving that she's such a nice person, but she's contemptuous and dismissive of Beth in private. Look, I get it, as a character, Beth is one-note and terrible. (Okay, maybe she has two notes: smart and inquisitive and totally wrapped up in her parents.) I can understand why her fellow students would want to avoid her in general, but that Courtney, who is so intent on getting a new team together, can't look at her and see that she has value due to her being able to figure out not only the goggles but the hourglass is really jarring. I don't know if they're going for a mean girls kind of vibe, or it's just assumed that teenage girls can't get along with each other or what. Honestly, I wouldn't care, except that we had the earlier example of Courtney being so nice to the geeky boy. Yes, I know people can be massively full of contradictions in real life, but since this isn't real life, and because all of these character moments are deliberate choices by writers and producers, I think I'm allowed to be bothered by this, at least for now.

Oh, since I've mentioned Beth, she doesn't seem like the type of person who would automatically shorten a person's name, and she really doesn't seem like the kind that would reach for Chuck. It's too old and jokey a name (these days) for a teenager today to have it on the tip of the tongue. Yes, I know the AI isn't its creator, but it still identified with the name Charles. Chuck feels disrespectful of the inventor and his technology.

On the plus side, I've decided I'm here for the classic cars and general automotive content. Since teen drama isn't my thing, I may as well enjoy the bits of the show that appeal to my interest. Yes, I know the old cars don't fit with TV timeline, even if they correspond the the comic book's era. Yes, I realize this show has a particularly high car kill count (this episode destroyed two more vehicles). It is, however, one of the few superhero shows that actually seems to pay attention to motorized transportation, so I hope the trend continues.

One of the subtle automotive touches I loved was that when Beth was snooping through Courtney's room, there was a shot of all knickknacks decorating Courtney's room, including a decent-sized model car (maybe late 1940s or 1950s sedan--I didn't get a good look at it). There is no reason why she should have it. She doesn't seem to share Pat's interest in cars. There is no evidence he has tried to involve her in his work. We haven't heard anything that leads us to believe it came from her dad. She hasn't exhibited any interest in history or antiques. She must just have it because she likes it! That makes me so, so, so happy! Yes, it's a stupid little throwaway visual, but it's one that is so rarely seen: TV and movie teenage girls who take an interest in stereotypical boys' interests, and an interest in automotive stuff in particular. It's especially rare because she is being presented as American (not, say from a Latin American immigrant family), feminine (not butch), and the hero (not the sidekick).

Also, Pat, I just have to ask, what have you been doing with your Buick that you've clogged your alternator? Driving it through a swamp? Seriously, I've had alternators outright die on me, but I've never had a clogged one.
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In addition to the Mustang, we also got a glimpse of an old VW Beetle and a Gremlin in this episode.
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Plus whatever that blue (I think) thing that was parked out in front of the Hallowe'en party house. I think "something Mopar" trigged in my brain when I saw it, but I'm rusty enough in my car spotting that I can't ID it from the fender point alone.

So, does anybody have any speculation as to which version of Artemis Crock we're eventually going to get: the villainous one or the heroic one?
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Oh, Beth.... Useful nerdiness, at least?

I am impressed with the house's giant spider.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for Henry? Because I almost do when his girlfriend whines that he's being a bummer and he's all MY DAD IS IN THE HOSPITAL.

I'm not thrilled at another white guy with anger issues, but at the same time I kinda can't blame him since his uncle is such a dick.
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