The X-Files: Travelers   Rewatch 
June 17, 2020 7:55 PM - Season 5, Episode 15 - Subscribe

In 1990, a dying man's final word — "Mulder" — leads Mulder to Arthur Dales, a retired FBI agent, who tells him about a case he worked with Mulder's father in 1952, during the height of McCarthyism.
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"The Night Stalker" was an influence on Chris Carter, and he wanted to feature McGavin. When I was a snotty kid, I thought "The Night stalker" was stupid and Darren McGavin was a criminal ham. Recently I re-watched the "Night Stalker" and kind-of liked it (within reasonable limits) but completely changed my mind about McGavin. He's the kind of actor who, if it's supposed to be hot, will grab his collar and shake it every 30 sec to remind you the viewer that it is HOT. What was horrible to a kid is delightful for an adult. I now love him.
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This is the one episode of the X-Files that I've seen since the original run ended, make of this what you will
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I don't usually much care for the Scully-less episodes, but when I saw this one was next in line, I thought, I remember that I enjoyed that episode and I think I'll like watching it again. I did. I think the X-Files team did really well with creating a period piece, and Fredric Lehne was impressively compelling as young Arthur Dales.

But there were plot holes. If Edward Skur can't control his parasite enough to keep from killing his own wife, how did he keep from killing Bill Mulder while they were sitting next to each other in a car?

Wasn't it possible for Skur's parasite to be removed? And how has he been living all these years? I don't see how he could possibly hold down a job, or even buy groceries, if he can't control his inner beast. Surely if he'd left a trail of withered dead bodies behind him, he would have been caught, but how did he avoid killing people? He's being evicted, but he must have been able to pay rent at some point. How did he do that?

That sheriff really sucked for getting out his gun *for an eviction*, but I must admit that it turned out he was justified in doing so.

I loved the explanation for how the X-Files got their name -- because there wasn't room in the "U" (for "unsolved") drawer.

I thought Duchovny overdid it with making a point of displaying Mulder's wedding ring. We get it -- Mulder used to be married. You don't have to keep making that really awkward left-handed sweep of your bangs.
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Again, they revisit one of the ideas explored here (oral interview) and really does something special with it in 'The Unnatural,' one of the most (bitter)sweet episodes.
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