The X-Files: All Souls   Rewatch 
June 19, 2020 8:02 PM - Season 5, Episode 17 - Subscribe

After a severely disabled sixteen-year-old girl, who had been adopted by a couple from Scully's church, is found dead in the street in the middle of the night, kneeling and genuflecting and with her eyes burned out, Father McCue asks Scully to look into the case.
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At least we know now that she thinks of her (potential) genetic offpring as 'Emily.'
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Emily was the little girl's name, after all. How else would she have thought of her?

It doesn't make sense that the Kernoffs would have waited six years to baptize Dara if they were really as devout as they seem in this episode. But then I suppose if they had had her baptized at ten, that would have meant missing out on a The Exorcist homage in the opening sequence.

Dara's death was truly horrifying, and her poor dad saw it.

It's strange the the most disabled of the four girls was the only one to be adopted into a good home -- and only at the age of ten. Other than that their lives seemed to be a horror show even before their deaths. Such as that basement "room" would indicate, for God's sake.

Scully's anguish over her visions of Emily was so moving. Gillian Anderson is really a much better actress than she needs to be for a show like this.

There were some pretty cool special effects in this episode. And were those extra toes and fingers ever convincing.
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(Sorry, I never dug this episode - nor much of the Catholic/ Christian heavy ones... and was kind of avoiding it and commented after watching this one impaired. I shouldn't have commented at all. Also, developmental disabilities shares unhealthy mindspace in me with my body integrity issues.)
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