You Should Have Left (2020)
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Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried rent a spooky Airbnb in this Blumhouse production directed by David Keopp (Stir of Echoes).

Originally planned to be released theatrically, this hit VOD on June 18th. Reviews have been middling for the most part.

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I've only just heard about this movie, but they should have added a subtitle: "Yes, Their Age Difference is a Plot Point".
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I watched this last night. The characters' relationship drama was indeed pretty meh, but I did enjoy the shifting House of Leaves like weirdness of the house itself, and found myself wishing that was the entire focus.
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I did enjoy the shifting House of Leaves like weirdness of the house itself

I agree, I wish they had spent more time with that, and with some of the time-loopy bits they gestured towards at the end. That ending was really not so great, but I did enjoy some of the uncanny moments before it.
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You guys had me at House of Leaves. The house was indeed the best part of it -- that half-minute where he was measuring the inside against the outside is where I wish the movie had spent most of its time.

The kid playing Ella was awesome. I have a friend with a daughter that age and "running around screaming" makes up about 95% of her personality at present <3.

I absolutely bought Theo's deep love for his daughter, and at the end I believed he loved Susannah too. But I feel like there should have been a little more to tell us about his first wife and what was up with that relationship. And the whole Max thing was worse than unnecessary - I think it muddled the story, and the movie would have been far creepier without it.

Overall, though, thumbs-up -- it's the first movie that I've watched without simultaneously reading metafilter in quite some time. :)
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I saw the measuring the house clip online and thought I would give this a shot.

Like others have said above, that was the high point, and the movie misses an opportunity not for using on the weird mechanics of the house.

I could hardly be bothered with this obviously bad marriage.
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