Dark: Adam and Eva (Adam und Eva)
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Charlotte and Ulrich try to piece together what happened in the bunker. In different times and worlds, Jonas and Martha work to gain each other's trust.

*In a horse-carriage traveling a forest path, a man reads a passage from the Ariadne play to a young blind boy, says it's a shame his mother can't be there, and looks at his pocket-watch that has 'for Charlotte' engraved on it. The young boy grows to be old man Tannhaus, whose carriage-journey is interrupted by the sound of someone stopping and killing the coachman. Cleft-palate trio man enters the carriage, tells him they know he's going to write a telegram revealing the existence of time-travelers, and gets out his garrote.

*In the room with the family-tree floor plaques and Adam & Eve portraits, Jonas asks Martha why he's there, and Martha again says together they can save their worlds.

*In 2019 Martha-world, Ulrich leads a briefing at the police station about Martha & other kids' discovery in the bunker of the 'as yet unidentified' body with Mads' ID & clothes/belongings. When he appears overwhelmed by emotion, Charlotte asks Wöller to take over, and brings Ulrich to the file-room. Ulrich believes that whoever killed Mads in 1986 kept his belongings all this time, and dressed this other dead boy with them. Ulrich tells her how Egon's bungling of Mads' case is what made him become a cop, to do better, but fears now he's just as bad, and is ashamed that he's cheating on the woman he cheated on his first wife with, and says he's ending their affair.

*In the 1888 workroom, Bartosz confronts Jonas, demands he say who really killed Martha. They tussle outside in the rain, and Bartosz tells the others that he always said that Jonas was to blame for everything, and tells them that Jonas is Adam.

*In the Adam & Eve room, Martha shows Jonas the Saint Christopher medal necklace he gave her, which he still has in his pocket. She says he has to make her what she becomes, and to choose the side of light, if he wants to save his Martha. She says Martha is as bound to her fate as Jonas is to his, gives him a rectangular future-tech flashlight, and says he has to show Martha her path.

*2019 Ulrich comes to see Martha at Katharina's house, asks her to tell the truth about the discovery of the body in the bunker. Magnus comes downstairs and Ulrich asks if they were on drugs, but they insist they were telling the truth about it appearing through the rift. After Ulrich leaves, Martha wonders if they were mistaken, but Magnus doesn't doubt his memory. Martha leaves through the window and tells Magnus to tell mom she'll be back later.

*2019 Hannah comes to police station with food for Ulrich, but Charlotte says he's not in today. Hannah gives Charlotte the 'hug & sniff' (like Katharina did to Ulrich in Jonas-world), then drops the food off on Ulrich's desk.

*In 1888, Adult-Jonas asks Martha why he can't remember being in her world but she doesn't know. She says she didn't write the letter. She asks what Sic Mundus is, and Jonas says that Old Tannhaus' father tried to bring his mother back from the dead. Martha says everyone in her world is dead and that she needs Jonas to trust her. She shows him her time-travel orb that she'd hidden in the woods, opens it to reveal a ball of God-particle liquid that she says is her last one and only way home, but she gives it to him.

*The cleft-palate murder trio bring Old Martha the Ariadne book & watch they took from Tannhaus in the carriage, and a binder that they took from Claudia's office that has "Winden nuclear power plant volume control" documents. The middle man asks why she didn't tell Jonas what path she sent him on, and she says Jonas will never stop trying to break the cycle and save his Martha, will never understand that his Martha must die if everyone else is to live.

*Young Jonas exits Winden cave in 2019 Martha world. Charlotte goes to bunker, and leaves voicemail for Ulrich asking how he is. Looking around the bunker, she finds the 1986 coin on red string behind a grating. Old Helge, with matching coin & string in his hand, leaves home.

*2019 Martha goes to the Obendorf RV to see Killian. He tells her he was kicked out of the dorms because Ulrich accused him of selling/giving drugs to Martha and the others. When she asks if he did drug them, he says she only dated him to rile up her parents, and tells her to leave. Jonas observes from the shadows.

*Hannah sees Aleksander at the power plant. She says she's sorry about Regina, but then gets down to the blackmail threat, showing him the plastic bag that hid his gun & passport back in 1986, and saying she'll give him his property if he will destroy Charlotte for her.

*Charlotte goes to the church to find Peter (where he seems to be having a flirtation with a young man in the pews) and asks him where Helge was last night, and whether he was using the bunker in 1986, and shows him the coin on a string she found in the bunker and recognized as Helge's, then Peter gets a call that Helge is at the police station confessing. At the station, Helge keeps saying "I killed the boy" but Peter insists they were together that night. Ulrich arrives and confronts Helge, but Helge then says "you're alive" and "it was you" and holds up his coin on a string, and Charlotte compares it to the one in her hands.

*2019 Martha is met in the woods by young Jonas. He tells her that where he comes from, they have the same past, and tells her of various incidents from her childhood. He says he knows she met her older self last night because she told him about it.

*In the 1888 mad-science lab, adult-Jonas puts the god-particle vial into the bowl of his time travel Tesla machine and turns it on. The god-particle sphere begins to form in the air, then the electricity fizzles out and the sphere collapses back into the bowl, and Franziska notices Martha is gone. Back in her room, Martha activates her device and disappears.

*In a 2019 music montage, Jonas leads Martha into caves and through the passage. Old Helge sits in a jail cell looking at his hands. Charlotte and Peter pass Ulrich sitting at his desk. Hannah looks at their empty bed. Old Martha looks at her Saint Christopher medal and the Adam & Eve portraits.

*September 23, 2053. Martha in her 1888 dress enters the power plant God-particle room. Adam is there and asks if she gave it to him, says he was always too gullible and that she did the right thing, and they look at the pulsating God-particle blob.

*2019 Jonas and Martha exit the cave, and find everything is desert-dry. Jonas says that 'she told me to bring you here' and she would explain everything. A middle-aged Martha arrives and says "Welcome to the future."
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I hope referring to the murder-trio by their cleft-palate scars isn't ableist of me. Not sure how I feel about the show's use of them -- it makes good visual shorthand to give the 3 of them a shared physical characteristic, but we've got creepy scarface Adam already and now these 3, so, it seems kind of iffy. Maybe, like Noah, they'll have some character growth beyond showing up to kill people. (And, I wasn't sure I understood the reference to the telegram in the scene with Old Man Tannhaus -- was he being killed to prevent him from sending a telegraph, or was he saying he wanted him to send one? Or that they found him because he'd sent one?)

I shouldn't be surprised that Old Martha turns out to be just as duplicitous as Adam. I guess young Jonas was didn't know how right was about Martha and him being a perfect match, ha! And now they're both duping their younger selves. I'm sure I'm a fool to still be hoping for a happy resolution to this series, but, dammit, I'm still rooting for young Jonas & Martha, and everyone.

I find it darkly hilarious that Ulrich in any universe will still be cheating on someone. And I'm very curious to find out when Helge recognized him from. Is he still the one who blinded little Helge in their universe? Without Mikkel's disappearance, would he have been drawn to the passage though?
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One thing that stuck me about the garrote trio: back in S2, Adam shows Young Jonas the scar on his neck to prove they are the same person. If Adam isn't Jonas, though, we now have another possible in-universe explanation for how he could have got that scar (further along in the narrative, of course).
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I may be wrong about the identity of the middle-aged woman in desert-world-future - I thought her facial scar matched Old Martha, but now I'm not so sure.
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Ooh what if Adam is another Jonas from a different world?
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Watching one episode a night, this episode was a bit frustrating - it felt like mainly tablesetting for things to come.

We are also much more confused now about what the eff is going on with the two universes, because Old Alt-Martha seems, like Adam, to have been going through these same cycles over and over again, but Middle Jonas doesn't know Alt-Martha.
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I'm listening to a filmography podcast where they're discussing the Matrix movies and suddenly the recurring "a glitch in the Matrix" line is so much more significant. I had forgotten a lot of the plot, but at the end of the second movie, Neo meets an avatar of the machines who tells him:

-All of this has happened before, you're the sixth iteration of "The One".

-The actual purpose of The One is to ultimately have to choose between destroying the Matrix and killing everyone inside, or resetting it to 100 years prior and letting the entire cycle play out again.

-All previous Ones have chosen the reset option, because it's better for humans to live trapped in this endless cycle than to destroy them all.

I mean holy shit right?

Then, in the third movie, Neo sacrifices himself to defeat an existential threat to both the machines and the free humans in Zion, brokering a truce that ends the cycle of reboots through his death.

Amazing. I feel like this has to be deliberate. I can't google right now because I'm not done with the season, but I wonder if the showrunners have talked about this in interviews.
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Pretty sure the person in the pew with Peter is Benny, the sex worker he patronized in the other world.
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I got inordinately excited about universe B having silly square flashlights, the silly globe flashlights of course being my favorite detail from seasons 1-2. My husband sighed and asked, “are the flashlights your mail robots?” And yes, yes they are. Totally here for the inconsequential mechanical devices.
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Cogito: yep, that was Benni, who apparently hasn't transitioned in Universe B.

Poor Jonas. Teen Bartosz roughs up both Teen and Adult Jonases (Jonaii?). What a wimp.
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