America Inc.
July 14, 2020 6:37 AM - by Phillips, Andrea - Subscribe

A corporation is running for president. And that’s the good guys. Start with The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike, by Mefi's Own andrhia (a/k/a Andrea Phillips). Take a little detour into this follow-up essay. Then crack open America Inc., a novel of democracy and dirty tricks.
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I'm reading this a chapter per day or so, if anyone wants to follow along. Chapter 1 is the tail end of the The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike, so if you read that, you can skip to Chapter 2, which introduces Toby.
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I have now finished this and liked it a lot! The journeys each of the main characters take, the design fiction of the various apps and events, the view into why people do the things they do, the relationships and the hope.
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