The X-Files: Hungry   Rewatch 
July 18, 2020 8:03 PM - Season 7, Episode 3 - Subscribe

After a Lucky Boy patron is found minus his brain, Mulder begins to suspect a Lucky Boy employee is struggling to hide and suppress an unusual eating disorder.
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Knockoff poor man's 'Donnie Darko' era Jake Gyllenhaal? I've got nothing.

He was a recurring character in 'Dexter' and 'Supernatural' but I don't recall him.

I recall wanting this episode to resonate with me, but, ugh, nothing/ rejecting.
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All the self-help methods Rob tries in this episode reminds me of the vegetarian sharks in. Finding Nemo ("Fish are friends, not food!"), and it makes me laugh. He's right that he's fighting his biology, so why didn't he look for a physiological solution to his problem instead of trying to control it with slogans and self-discipline? This episode would have better for a delve into that aspect, as well as an explanation for how he got this way and how he's survived this long. The name "Rob Roberts" alone sounds more like a mutant's attempt to create a normal name than like an actual name.

I did enjoy how, at first, his victims are all people who are assholes to him, and when they push him he's all, "Oh fuck it, I might as well eat your brain as take your shit."

That Lucky Boy figure is like something out of a nightmare.
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The bit where he's speaking to overeaters anonymous keeps coming back to me decades after watching this for some reason.
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Genuinely curious - the misunderstanding or the frank honesty that's misinterpretted or something else?
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It's no wonder you don't recall Chad Donella from either Dexter or Supernatural, porpoise, given that according to his IMDB page, he never appeared in either show.
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I have to rewatch this, but one of the reasons I liked this episode is that Chad Donella reminds me of Dennis Christopher (Fade to Black, IT, and Circuitry Man) a sadly under utilized actor.
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