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A happily married and successful lawyer, who is a friend of John Doggett's, wakes up on a Friday morning in jail for the murder of his wife, an incident he has no memory of. He is shot to death by his father-in-law during his transfer to another prison, only to wake up back in his jail cell on Thursday morning.
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This is a really strong episode. I've always thought seasons eight and nine get unfairly criticized. The X-Files team was up against both the fact that their formula was pretty well-worn and that the relationship between Mulder and Scully, which is the heart of the show, was on pause given that Mulder was absent most of the time. But they could still put together a compelling 42 minutes of television, as they did here. The writing was excellent, and Joe Morton did a stellar job of carrying the episode. And then the episode gets compared to "Monday" and called a retread, even though it's a creative new spin on the time loop concept.

I found it unlikely that Martin would prosecute a man and send him to jail for life when he knew he was innocent. If they were going to have that be something he would do, they should have in, but indicated in some other way that he is unprincipled. Not that we get a sense that he is particularly principled from what we see of him: in this episode we learn that Martin is very intelligent, that he loves his wife, and that he's a friend of John Doggett's, but he could still be the kind of guy who does anything to win, at least professionally. It still seems unlikely that such an intelligent, high-achieving man would do something he would know perfectly well could blow up his life.

John Doggett has no time for crazy bullshit, even from a friend.

We see John Doggett's house in this episode. It's much nicer and more attractive and comfortable than I would have expected -- it's like a masculine version of Scully's. Doggett could teach Mulder a few things about housekeeping, it seems.

Scully's watch, which looks like the same one she's been wearing for years, is an Omega. It looks like a very plain, functional watch, but Omega is a Swiss luxury brand. That's so Scully.
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I didn't recall Season 8 starting out so strong. I remember Patrick being pretty good, but he really does help carry the show and is arguably a better actor than Duchovny (who's sulking this season, wanting higher profile gigs). I feel that Doggett has no time for bullshit especially from a friend. Loyalty and honesty are two way streets.

Joe Morton is a fine actor, and the X Files casting managed to get Danny Trejo into an ep!

Mulder also wears (a dress*) Omega, as seen in 'Monday.' And yes, good eye, nice patina on Scully's. But no, I don't really see that much of a comparison to 'Monday' either.

Prosecution - "war on drugs" and the oxymoron of "lawful good." American legal system be fucked up.

*Omega men's watches are better known for being chunky with lots of greebles and buttons and dials; which most men who buy that kind of watch don't even know how to use those functionalities properly, or would ever need to
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