The X-Files: This Is Not Happening (Part 1/2)   Rewatch 
August 20, 2020 7:18 PM - Season 8, Episode 14 - Subscribe

When Theresa Hoese, who was abducted around the same time as Mulder, is found alive though in grave condition in Montana, Scully, Skinner, and Doggett go the scene in the hope that it may lead them to Mulder, and Doggett calls in a specialist in ritualistic crime, Agent Monica Reyes.
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Ha, the "This is not happening!"s. I guess it was this episode that seared it into my brain.

Anabeth Gish gets an "Also Starring" right off the bat. Didn't realize that she was in 'SLC Punk!'

Yikes, flicking a cigarette end in the middle of bone-dry country? "Beautiful country out here!" lets burn it down! (or just leave the butt to pretty it up).

Doggett's "Bad as you want to find Mulder, you're afraid to find him, too." is astute - from a number of angles.

The ubiquity of high quality camera-equipped smartphones killed the extraterrestrial/ gov conspiracy UFO thing, didn't it?
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Reyes is certainly an exception to the "smokers are usually terrible people" trope in the X-Files, but yeah, littering is not a good look. The character herself seemed as out of place in this episode as her cigarette butt on the hill, taking away from the gravity of the situation with her chipper "I just have a feeling" nattering. Scully didn't have much patience with her and I don't blame her.

Would the FBI have a "specialist in ritualistic crime" given that it basically doesn't exist? At least Reyes says she's never found an actual case of Satanic abuse.

Absalom is a good character, for the little time he lasts. That is definitely the face of someone who talks to angels and believes that they talk back. It's like the actor who played him modelled the character on Marshall Applewhite.

Poor Scully has a rough couple of months ahead of her.
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given that it basically doesn't exist?

There's a reference to that in an episode or two where Dogget+Scully are represented as having an astoundingly great prosecution rate over Mulder+Scully.

Maybe that's why Reyes was seconded/ unassigned/ reassigned - her niche unit is getting axed/ was axed.
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