Infinity Train: The Musical Car
August 23, 2020 11:09 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Under the leadership of the teenagers Grace and Simon, the Apex continue their raids, entering and pillaging cars in an attempt to assert their "dominance" over the denizens of the Train, whom they refer to as "nulls". But when the car they're raiding is ejected, the two Apex leaders find themselves separated from the rest of their crew, and thus a new trek through the Train begins...

And thus starts a new season of Infinity Train, continuing the literary metaphor with the subtitle Book Three. Just as Book One was about grief and loss and Book Two was about identity, Book Three also has an overarching theme - that being the impact of trauma. This is a much darker season of the series, immediately shown by the choice of protagonists - the leaders of the Apex, who basically see the Train as their plaything by right. We have a season where the protagonists are (especially if you saw Book Two) pretty clearly villains.

But what helps make Infinity Train stand out has been the writing, and while we see how monstrous Grace and Simon are, especially in the assault on the Musical Car, we also see a number of humanizing touches that show that they're also human, and it's that humanity in their characterization that makes the story more impactful. The two having playful banter with each other, as well as Grace going to save Simon when he's been pinned down shows that these are two characters who do genuinely care for one another on several levels, even if they have been monsters to the denizens of the Train. It's clear that they are very broken people (not too surprising, given that they're on the Train in the first place), and the show hints that part of the journey this time is learning how they were broken.
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