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The series follows Tulip and her companion One-One, which is composed by Glad-One and Sad-One in their journey through a seemingly infinite train with limitless possibilities to find a way to Tulip's home.


Infinity Train: Book 1  Season 1, Episode 1

Infinity Train was a short-lived Cartoon Network series, who for its second two Books was moved to HBO Max, then unceremoniously delisted from there, because WARNER BROS IS TERRIBLE. That's right: current Infinity Train right now can only be legally seen on DVD or from tapes of on-air recordings. This is what you missed. Contains minor spoilers. [more inside]
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Infinity Train: Book 4 - Duet  Season 4 (Full Season)

Min-Gi and Ryan are childhood best friends who dream of performing in a band and traveling across Canada, together. After a sudden falling out splits them apart, both find themselves aboard the mysterious Infinity Train. Lost and confused, they meet Kez, a free-spirited concierge bell, who accompanies them on their journey. As tensions rise and old wounds come to light, both Min-Gi and Ryan must decide if they can work together or else risk losing themselves forever aboard the Infinity Train.
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Infinity Train: The New Apex  Season 3, Episode 10

Trapped in her memories, Grace finally confronts that which sent her to the Train in the first place. But coming to terms with one's past still means that one has to deal with the repercussions of those acts in the present... [more inside]
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Infinity Train: The Musical Car  Season 3, Episode 1

Under the leadership of the teenagers Grace and Simon, the Apex continue their raids, entering and pillaging cars in an attempt to assert their "dominance" over the denizens of the Train, whom they refer to as "nulls". But when the car they're raiding is ejected, the two Apex leaders find themselves separated from the rest of their crew, and thus a new trek through the Train begins... [more inside]
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Infinity Train: The Family Tree Car  Season 2, Episode 2

Chasing after Alan Dracula, MT and Jesse find themselves descending down a literal family tree - whose main branches seem to be "Hatfield" and "McCoy". But when neither of their approaches seem to address the issue of descending a literal house divided, the two are going to have to learn to (grudgingly) work together...
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Infinity Train: The Black Market Car  Season 2, Episode 1

Looking to be her own person and not a reflection, Mirror Tulip or "MT" (sporting a complete makeover) ventures through the Infinity Train, experiencing the vast array of worlds within the cars. But for someone who has broken the rules of the Mirror Car, such a life means being on the run from the law, who would love nothing more than to grind her into literal dust... [more inside]
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Infinity Train: The Grid Car  Season 1, Episode 1

After her divorced parents fail to keep their promise of taking her to game design camp, 12-year-old Tulip angrily runs away from home in an attempt to get there on her own. She finds herself on a mysterious train that seems to be in another dimension and surrounded by dangerous creatures, but gets help from a small robot named One-One. [more inside]
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