the shed (2019)
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Stan, a bullied 17 y.o. on probation, lives with his abusive grandfather. But things change when a hunter who is attacked shelters in a shed on the property.
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posted by miss-lapin at 5:10 PM on August 27, 2020

I really enjoyed this movie. It reminded me a reboot of Fright Night with a more realistic edge.

My one caveat is why would you wait to load a shot gun if you know an attack is imminent? When a film is this well done, it makes little slips like this so obvious and painful. In a lesser film, I'd let it slide, but there's no excuse when everything else is so well done.
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I liked this, it's a bit of a bog-standard creature feature but with better than average character development and a realistically shitty high-school milieu.
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I like the Fright Night comparison, although it could have used some of that film's wittiness.

The movie improves substantially when there's action on screen, as the script never lets four lines of exposition stand if they can cram a dozen in instead. Little of the dialogue is bad, exactly, it's just that we catch on to things like abusive grandpa, bullies, etc. faster than the film seems to think we will.

When is this supposed to be set? I'm thinking between maybe '88 and '92, based on the alt rock stuff and the music all being cassettes.
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The most realistic throwback to teen movies from this era is that the high school aged protagonist is obviously about twenty four while his best friend, also portrayed as a student, looks late twenties.
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