Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop (2015)
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A documentary focused on Gilberto Valle AKA "the Cannibal Cop" and the legal issues involved in his case

Dubbed "The Cannibal Cop," Gilberto Valle was convicted in March 2013 of conspiring to kidnap and eat young women as well as using a police database in order to learn about his intended victims. Valle argued it was all a fantasy; the prosecution's narrative convinced jurors otherwise.

Valle was facing a possible life sentence when filmmaker Erin Lee Carr began visiting him in prison. After 22 months behind bars, his conviction was overturned in a stunning reversal. Carr was there for his release and subsequent house arrest to examine a life arrested.

The documentary explores questions like "legallywhen does thought become an act?" and "where is the boundary between fantasy and reality?"
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Currently boasting a 89% ranking on Rotten Tomatoes, critics generally applauded Carr's ability to remain objective while presenting various facets of the case.

Certainly a particularly complicated watch at the moment.
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