The X-Files: Providence (Part 2/2)   Rewatch 
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Doggett is in a coma, William is in the hands of the UFO cultists, A.D. Follmer is leading the FBI task force to find the baby's abductors, and Scully, who has no faith in Follmer, recruits Reyes and the Lone Gunmen to help her find William.
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The opener introducing the super soldiers was pretty effective, especially the tears. Season 9 is technically proficient, it's the writing that's weak.

Scully doesn't have any real friends outside of work, does she? At the baby shower, it didn't seem like she had a personal friend among them. All she has left is Skinner; Mulder's gone, Doggett's hurt (and not really a source of emotional succor), Reyes is still pretty "new" despite how involved she has been. No one else really understands the conspiracy. TLG don't count, even though they were entrusted with William.

Feels like Brad's digging deep into his abuser toolbox.

I guess as assistant director, he doesn't warrant an 'Agent' Follmer (because he's not an agent, he's management), and coming from a deputy director, doesn't warrant an 'AD' either - leaving 'Mister' as the default.

Despite his misgivings, I still don't trust Brad. Even if his intentions aren't bad, he's showing that he's out of his league/ haven't figured out the rules to this game.

Anderson does murderous just fine.
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It does make sense that Zeke Josepho would mistake the super soldiers he saw in the Gulf War for guardian angels, especially given that he saw them when he was injured and traumatized, and if, as his name suggests, he comes from a fundamentalist background, that would also be a contributing factor.

Why did the two men who were in the space ship just stand there when it started spinning? I'd have hauled ass right out of the aperture at that point because I would have been afraid it might close. Same goes for those who were all standing on the edge of it when it started lighting up, and who just keep standing there. Hello, if it takes off, you're going to get hurt! These cult members didn't seem too bright.

I guess Brad Follmer is Alex Krycek's replacement... someone inexplicable who can't be trusted and whom no one respects? But he doesn't really have the same presence -- I had honestly forgotten his character even existed.

Again, Doggett's coma and Monica's angst over it didn't have the kind of weight it would have had if it were Mulder and Scully instead.

I would not want to wake up out of a coma and see a murderously angry Scully hanging over me.

I really love Monica's apartment. Of any of the apartments that we've seen (Mulder's, Scully's, Skinner's, Doggett's), it would be my pick. And if her covetable leather and suede coat collection came with it, that would be a bonus.
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I would not want to wake up out of a coma and see a murderously angry Scully hanging over me.


Cult followers - doesn't bring to mind traits like 'critical thinking' or 'logic.' =D

Reyes is... the most "modern" of the principles of the show (crrica 2001)? Yeah, heating/ cooling costs and "neighbourhood" aside, Reyes' pad is the sweetest the audience has seen. Depending on neighbours and neighbourhood, I wouldn't say no to moving into any of those spaces. Except maybe Scully's because of the history. But yeah, Reyes knows what she likes.

Likewise the Reyes character being stuffed with a bunch of Melissa Scully; Brad's got the worst of Krycek and Spender in him.
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Monica met Doggett working on his son's case - so the only explanation I can see is that Reyes is in love with Doggett, based largely on his loss/ reaction, and entranced with the X Files.

Someone running solely on emotion, and it's going to get her burnt.

Is there a modern/ available leather-based outerwear that you currently think is amazing?
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Reyes is definitely an especially empathetic, caring person. Yes, working with Doggett at such an intense, tragic time would have bonded her to him.

I'm not really up on my leather outerwear trends, but I've googled to see what's out there, and I'd have to say I'm still happy with my existing leather jacket, purchased circa 2009 or 2010 at Danier for 75% off the original price, and still good as new as to its condition and reasonably current-looking as to its style. Though I do sometimes wish it were a dark brown instead of a medium brown. Dealing with multiple shades of brown when you're trying to get dressed can be a frustrating exercise, and in the years since purchasing the jacket, it has become a rule with me to always buy brown items in dark chocolate brown.
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That's a super nice intricate piece! Retro moto. I had a black Danier similar to that from 2009 to 2018 made from smaller pieces. In the end, the lining was trashed but the shell was decent, I left it by the apartment disposal where people left "do you want this, before it gets trashed?" corner on top of the rest of the stuff. Gone by the time I returned from work.

Got a black moto from Roots with really thick and large panels with really consistent grain during a sale. The liner is kind of crap, but the Canadian leather shell has been quality.
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Just an FYI for the future: it's possible to replace jacket linings. I wouldn't hesitate to reline mine if it needed it, but if you don't sew, you can hire a tailor or dressmaker to do it. It's not all that labour-intensive a job and lining fabric isn't all that expensive so the cost should be reasonable -- certainly far less than the cost of a new leather jacket, at any rate.
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